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TPSED-located entity aims at export expansion of thermal insulation to Asia-Pacific

TPSED-located entity aims at export expansion of thermal insulation to Asia-Pacific 30.08.2016 On August 30, shortly before the Eastern Economic Forum 2016, TechnoNICOL launches «TechnoNICOL-Far East», the plant for the production of basalt thermal insulation in Khabarovsk. The investment in the project amounts to 2 bn rur. The annual production capacity of the new plant will reach 750 ths cubic meters by 2017. Taken into consideration the state preferences for TPSED-located entities, the payback period constitutes 7 years. During this period, the plant will supply construction materials to the Far Eastern Federal District, part of Siberian Federal District, and export to the countries of APR.

The opening ceremony with symbolic band cutting welcomed high official guests, the Governor of the Khabarovsk Territory Vyacheslav Shport and the president and managing partner of TechnoNICOL Sergey Kolesnikov.

Vyacheslav Shport in his opening speech underlines that the Khabarovsk Territory is among the leading drivers for the Far Eastern Federal District economy due to its TPSED venues and unprecedented governmental support measures. «Today we open another new enterprise capable of manufacturing competitive goods. The plant creates 120 workplaces for the industry. According to expert estimates, with the multiplication effect each of these places create 8 additional workplaces in adjacent fields. We plan that the enterprise will transfer 22 mn rur tax to state budgets by the end of 2016. These are very good indicators. I suppose, we are now witnessing the start of the investment activity in the region. We are awaiting new break-through projects and penetration into new markets», told the Governor.

Sergey Kolesnikov at the ceremony announced the Corporation’s plans for the nearest future: «The construction of the plant in the Far East is a strategic milestone for us. Our goal is to become the global industry player with tangible positions in construction materials markets in the majority of world countries. We are exporting our products to 79 countries worldwide. The new enterprise will become our beachhead in the East. Today, we already have internal and export contracts for the year 2016 and further on. We work actively on market development and conduct negotiations with potential partners. I’m convinced that the plant will soon be operating at full capacity and we will move further enhancing our positions via systematic development of the production venue and the construction of new enterprises in the region».

By 2017, the «TechnoNICOL — Far East» plant will start operating at full power and will be manufacturing 750 ths cubic meters of finished goods annually, which is three times as much as the first TechnoNICOL «Bazalit DV» plant in the region of Khabarovsk. The output of the new enterprise represents over 100 articles of stone wool insulation, one third of which are various types of fireproofing and technical insulation.

TechnoNICOL is one of the leading suppliers of stone wool insulation to the areas of the Far Eastern Federal District and Eastern Siberia. Over the past years, large supplies of construction materials have been delivered to national objects of social and economic importance, such as Far Eastern Federal University, objects of the APEC summit in the Primorsk Territory, the Vostochny Cosmodrome in the Amur Region, the marine station in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Yakutskaya regional power station. The new plant enables the manufacturer to contribute to the industrial, retail and housebuilding priority projects of the Far East. According to expert estimates, the energy efficiency of buildings and installations in the region rises by 46% when stone wool insulation is implemented to protect the building envelope. Apart from that, the products become readily available in the region due to lower transport expenses.

The expansion of construction materials manufactured on the TSEPD venue in Khabarovsk abroad will start in China. By 2020, the company plans to export 20% of its overall production volume. The TechnoNICOL representative office in the PRC is to maintain the company’s development of the local market. Negotiations are held on supplies of stone wool to Japan and, over the longer term, to Southern Korea, Mongolia, Vietnam and Canada. The implementation of the basalt stone, which is a natural raw material, guarantees a significant competitive advantage of Russian products.

Taken into consideration benefits and preferences for TSEPD residents, the payback period in case of capital investment in the stone wool plant constitutes 7 years. According to preliminary estimates, the implementation of TSEPD governmental support mechanism allows residents to decrease the return on investments period by 3 years. This gives investors an opportunity to realize their plans of production capacities’ development in the Far Eastern Federal District.

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