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R&D Centers

Roll Materials

Within the 'ТЕCHNOTOP' Plant in Voskresensk, Moscow region, there works the R&D center of TECHNINICOL Corporation.

Main Goal
To create new roofing, water- and heat insulating materials and modernisation of the present technology.

The Center has an extensive research base. Its laboratories occupy the area of more than 250 sq. m and are equipped with modern equipment which helps to study physic and mechanical characteristics of materials at wide ranges of temperature, define the structure and composition of raw components, and test durability of materials. The unique chromatograph allows to define the structure of bitumen which is applied to manufacture roofing materials, and thus, to pick up the type and quantity of modifying additives in an optimal way. To study the processes of ageing we use the artificial climate equipment which helps for about 2-3 months to predict the properties of the material after 10-15 years of operation on a roof.

Researches of the Centre are aimed at study and prevention of the reasons of materials ageing, expansion of working temperatures for roofing materials, increase of the scope of their application. Now, the experts of the Center are developing some modern chemical-, radiation-, light-, ozone-, bio- proofing materials, mastics and water emulsions, membranes for single-layered roofs. Scientific researches and introduction of know-how will allow 'TECHNONICOL' Corporation to introduce new products to the market every year.

Heat Insulating Materials

The guarantee of our successful Tomorrow is the permanent work in the sphere of researches and developments today. Development of new technologies in the use of Stone wool is the main goal of the R&D Centre of 'TECHNONICOL' Corporation. The scientific centre in Ryazan deals with creation of new materials and improvement of the existing products properties.p>


Main Goals and Objections of the R&D Centre:

  • Perfection of technique of analysis of raw materials, materials and finished goods, introduction of express-technique.
  • General and methodical support provided by the laboratories for heat insulating materials manufacturers of 'TECHNONICOL' Corporation.
  • Development new perspective kinds of products and areas of activity.
  • Base researches on finished goods and raw materials; creation of the library of samples of raw components, and products of the Corporation's plants.
  • Work with demands of the enterprises and divisions: chemical, thermal, microscopic and other kinds of analysis; assistance in technological problem solving.
  • Tests and recommendations to choose raw materials.
  • Patent work.

One of the developments in Stone wool processing of the Centre is the ESBE Technology (ElectroStatic Binding Enhancement).

The essence of the ESBE Technology is that the system of electrodes to create a weak charge on microscopic drops of the binding is enstalled around the injector. This provides uniformity and stability of the size of the particles of the air-borne mixture that allows processing heat insulating fibres, including the smallest ones, in a more even and complete way.

The ESBE-plus Technology is the latest achievement in the development of binding technology of a fibre. The TECHNONICOL scientific centre along with its foreign partners has developed special multipurpose composition for fibre processing. In one solution the scientists managed to combine the properties of a deduster, a binding and a waterproofing agent. In the result of processing such qualities of the material as durability, water repellency, durability were considerably improved. Reliable uniform binding of fibres makes the material practically antimisting, i.e. ecologically pure. TECHNONICOL investments into scientific developments means supporting the Russian building materials industry and preserving competitiveness of domestic production in the world markets.

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