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The TECHNONICOL corporation is established and the first office is opened in Moscow.

The company starts its first in-house production of roll-fed roofing materials at the ruberoid plant in Vyborg.

A decision is made to develop the Company's own retail network. The first regional retail branch is opened in St. Petersburg.

To expand the range of products and satisfy the increasing demand, the Company launches new factories to manufacture waterproofing materials. By the end of the period, the Company has 5 production sites and 35 retail branches in various regions of the Russian Federation. The company enters the Ukrainian market and opens the first retail branch in Kiev.

The Company's management decides to expand the range of products for the construction market. In order to develop a prospective market segment for pitched roofing, TechnoNICOL purchases its first foreign plant, Gargzdu MIDA, in Lithuania and starts production of flexible shingles under the SHINGLAS brand. A line of heat-insulating materials made of stonewool is launched under the TECHNO brand. The Company starts producing mastics to supply complete sets of waterproofing and heat-insulating materials to sites and facilities. The distribution network is expanded rapidly — the 50th branch is opened. TechnoNICOL Corporation is one of the top five largest European manufacturers of waterproofing materials.

The Luxard composite shingle, whose production is mastered in Russia for the first time, appears in the Company's line of products. To meet the increasing demand in Ukraine, TechnoNICOL opens a bitumen and polymer-bitumen materials plant in Dneprodzerzhinsk. The startup of the largest plant in Russia (Ryazan), a joint enterprise with Chova (Spain), ensures stable supply of SHINGLAS shingles for the entire country. New modern materials are developed and tested at TechnoNICOL's research centeropened in 2004. Corporate branches are opened in all CIS countries. The fi rst representative offi ce is opened in Warsaw, Poland. At year-end 2005, TechnoNICOL becomes the leader in Europe in terms of roofing membranes output.

The Company begins manufacturing and supplying extruded polystyrene foam under the TECHNOPLEX brand. Two plants with the total output of 600 thousand m3 per year are launched. The LOGICROOF integrated polymer membranes (modern waterproofing materials) plant, the first in Russia, is constructed and launched. The TechnoNICOL Corporation is one of the three Russian leaders of the heat-insulating materials market.

The corporation increases its production and its share of exports to European markets. The third production line for roll-fed materials is launched in Vyborg. Thermal insulation production lines are commissioned at TECHNO factory in Cherkassy and AKSI factory in Chelyabinsk. Production of slabs made of extruded polystyrene foam and modern technical insulation starts in Ukraine. Production of PLANTER drainage systems starts at the LOGICROOF plant in Ryazan. TechnoNICOL is a member of the Association of Wood Housing, the Rosizol Association, and the National Roofers Union board.


The TECHNONICOL Corporation actively develops its productive capacities. The plant in Dneprodzerzhinsk launches the new line for extruded polystyrene. The modernized Novoulyanovsk plant starts production of XPS CARBON. The TechnoNICOL Vyborg plant puts into operation the third line for roofing and waterproofing materials. The city of Yurga in Kemerovskaya region hosts the company’s seventh enterprise for the production of extruded polystyrene.
The company develops new product lines, among them the system of eavestroughs, enhanced XPS with nanoscale carbon particles, ANDEREP backing carpet, waterproofing mastics and primers.
TechnoNICOL pays attention to the qualification of builders and opens training centers in St. Petersburg, Khabarovsk and Kiev.

TECHNONICOL continues the supply of construction materials for objects of national importance, such as clusters for Winter Olympics 2014 in Sochi and World Student Games 2013 in Kazan. Apart from that, the company expands its export to the European countries and enters the markets of China and India.
New production lines are put into operation. The Bazalit-DV plant in Khabarovsk starts the production of extruded polystyrene. The company’s second plant for flexible roofing SHINGLAS opens in Ryazan. Besides, the Ryazan cluster launches the second line of LOGICROOF products and the third line for XPS materials.
The TECHNO plant in Yurga modernizes the equipment and increases the production of stone wool insulation by 1.5 times. The Novoulyanovsk plant starts the production of polymer-bitumen binder (PMB).
By the end of 2013, TechnoNICOL purchases Italiana Membrane, which is one of the leading producers of construction materials in Italia. The acquisition widens the range of products and technologies and substantially rises exports of construction materials to various regions of the world.
In 2014, the TechnoNICOL Corporation was ranked 81 in the top-200 list of the largest public and non-public companies of Russia, according to Forbes. TechnoNICOL became the first manufacturing company on the list, operating in the non-resource field.
Ryazan hosts the new plant for the production of the rigid polyisocianyrate foam insulation boards LOGICPIR and the line for mineral wool substrates with capacity of over 200000 m3 per year.
The new line for PLANTER materials with productive capacity of 6 mn m2 per year is put into operation in Bashkortostan. The StroyMineral plant in Uchaly opens the modern crushing and coating line for SHINGLAS granules with annual output of 50 kt. 

In 2015, TECHNONICOL continues the supply of insulation materials for the major construction objects in Russia, among them the Baikonur Vostochny, the Skolkovo Nanograd, Moscow metro stations, sports facilities for the Football World Championship 2018.
The policy of import substitution increases the role of TechnoNICOL as the key national producer of competitive construction materials. The company’s export potential has expanded sharply in the European and Asian markets. Now, the materials are supplied to 70 countries worldwide.
TechnoNICOL continues to expand its productive capacities. The new line of the TechnoNICOL-Siberia plant for the production of extruded polystyrene in Kemerovskaya region enables to increase the production volume by 1.5 times and support the growing demand for thermal insulation in the Siberian and Far East Federal Districts.
TechnoNICOL has tripled the volume of stone wool production in the Ural Federal District. The new line of the premium basalt insulation with output of 1.3 mn m3 per year is launched at the TECHNO plant in Chelyabinsk. As a result, the company matched the demand for construction materials in the region and expanded its export to Kazakhstan and Kirgizia.
The launch of the LOGICPIR plant, focused on the production of rigid polyisocianyrate foam insulation, with capacity of 30 mn m3 per year had a significant influence on the thermal insulation market of Russia. The PIR insulants that are popular in USA and Europe are now available to Russian builders and engineers.

In 2016, TECHNONICOL Corporation continues increasing the production capacity, enters new segments of the market and expands the geography of its presence.
The company opens two new enterprises of the stone wool production: «TECHNO» in Rostov-on-Don and «TechnoNICOL Far East» in Khabarovsk with a total capacity of 2 million m? per year. The launch of the factories contributed to a twofold increase in export of stone wool.
A landmark event for the industry is the opening of the first plant producing one-component polyurethane assembly foams in Ryazan. The production line with the capacity of more than 40 cylinders per minute was supplied by the Swiss company Pamasol. The new enterprise is focused on import substitution. At the time of its launch, the share of imported products in the market of assembly foams was about 60%.
The company continues to invest in the mastership of builders. Modern TecnoNICOL training centers were opened in Yekaterinburg and Kazan.
In 2016, TechnoNICOL launched a project and calculation center. The service helps in the creation of documentation for insulation of roofs, facades, foundations, floors and other structures, as well as the prompt execution of standard calculations. The new tool has improved the quality and speed of customer service.
The Corporation opens new markets for itself: Canada, New Zealand and Iran. TechnoNICOL products are supplied to more than 80 countries of the world.


In 2017 TECHNONICOL has been evolving actively, exploring new directions. The company launched a drainage systems plant in Ryazan and an enterprise producing additives in concrete in Voskresensk. TECHNONICOL is increasing its volume of export, shipping its products to 90 countries worldwide.

TECHNONICOL has become a partner in the first Russian project of creating a house using a portable 3D-printer, in Stupino, Moscow region.

TECHNONICOL Corporation is also developing energy-efficient technologies. The company has made a public presentation of its own comprehensive system of HOUSE TECHNONICOL. All across the country, more than 200 organizations and private building teams are ready to create energy-efficient, quality houses for a reasonable price.

2018 - 2019
In March 2018, TECHNONICOL Corporation acquired ZNOIM JSC (Belgorod), a stone wool production plant with a capacity of 1.5 million cubic meters, previously included in IZOVOL Group of Companies.

In April 2019, the company launched the production of building membranes in Ryazan. In May 2019, a solemn ceremony was held in Osipovichi (Republic of Belarus) for the launch of a new TECHNONICOL plant producing extruded polystyrene foam.

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