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Composite tiles LUXARD is a new word in the roofing industry. A unique combination of technological composition of aluminium-zinc with natural stone granules. It is designed for those who values prestige and reliability, who lives not in today but in the future. If you choose know-how, the metal roofing LUXARD is for you.

Luxard® has a charm of classical elite roofing materials. The visible part of the tile is covered with natural stone granules excluding metal shine and creating effect of the natural ceramic roof. Special glaze prevents it from losing its pebble gravel.

The weight of 1 m² of roofing Luxard® does not exceed 7 kg. It essentially reduces expenses for the roofing and its transportation. The optimum size of 1 sheet provides minimum waste of the material.

Unlike usual metal tiles, the multilayered structure of the composit tile provides good noise isolation for attics with whatever area of the roof.

Thanks to the small weight of the tiles, their high stability to all types of environment, ecology-friendly features of all the components, and reliable fastening to the basis of the roof, Luxard® is deservedly considered as one of the safest kinds of roofing.

Due to its durability, Luxard® is not worse than traditional metal tiles and several times better than ceramic tiles. Our composit tiles can not be broken, cracked or chipped. They are scratch proof.

Thanks to unique properties of aluminium-zinc, even cutting (while mantling) surfaces of the composit tiles are not subject to corrosion. The special form of a sheet allows to sustain considerable loading and excludes leakage in places of overlapping.

Owing to the aluminium-zinc covering, Luxard® is not subject to corrosion. The manufacturer's warranty on preservation of the basic properties of the tiles makes up 20 years. The composit tiles are heat and frost proof. This covering is not afraid of sharp temperature drops and, unlike ceramic roofing, can sustain any number of cycles of alternate freezing and thawing. The material is UV-proof and keeps the colour during all service life.

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