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TechnoNICOL Corporation produces and delivers a wide variety of sound and heat-insulating materials, mastics, roofing and waterproof materials at the price of manufacturer.

Our assortment contains a lot of items and allows to install roofs and waterproofing layer of the highest quality. At the same time all the production corresponds to the highest demands and has necessary certificates. Our materials are widely used both in private and in industrial building for such works as installation of a roof and arrangement of heat, sound-insulation and a waterproofing layer of a roof.

In order to provide waterproofing layer of a roof covering we use, for example, BIKROST, that has replaced previously popular Stekloisol-Super. BIKROST is highly safe and durable, besides it is perfectly flexible at negative temperature and has high heat-resistance.

TechnoNICOL Corporation produces the following types of materials:

  • roll materials;
  • materials for fire protection of building constructions and piping;
  • waterproofing, heat and sound-insulating materials;
  • roofing waterproofing materials;
  • and also utilities used for roof installation and installation of waterproofing layer of buildings and so on.

All the offered roofing and waterproof materials correspond to existing requirements of water resistance, water absorption, mechanical strength and heat insulation. In order to make sure that the materials correspond to standards of for example water resistance, the materials are tested at hydrostatic pressure – it is determined for each material.

Roll materials. Within this sphere we produce and deliver bitumen and bitumen-polymer roofing materials, materials for sound insulation of buildings and transport waterproofing, polymeric membranes with zero water conductivity. We offer production of STANDARD, BUSINESS and PREMIUM classes. We also produce special materials for roof installation and waterproofing of buildings.

Materials for heat insulation of buildings. Within this sphere TechnoNICOL Company offers stone wool, extruded polystyrene foam, fire protection systems and many other things. All the production is produced with the help of modern equipment and innovation technologies and corresponds to all existing quality standards.

Materials for installation of a sloped roof. Within this sphere we offer you roofing and waterproof materials, which are guaranteed to be of high safety and durability. In assortment of our company you can find bitumen and composite tiles of a wide range of colours.

Mastics, prime coatings, bitumen. Our company produces mastics that are used in order to solve different repair questions. Besides with the help of mastics installation and waterproofing of a roof are provided. Among them you can find mastics of hot and cold usage, bitumen and bitumen emulsions, various materials for road-building, prime coatings for priming of a base, materials for installation and waterproofing of a roof.

Utilities. TechnoNICOL Company produces and delivers a great variety of utilities for installation of flat roofs – roofing aerators, rainwater heads and accessories, and also various professional equipment for roofing work.

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