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Extruded Cellular Polystyrene - TECHNONICOL

Extruding foamed polystyrene

TECHNONICOL XPS extruded foamed polystyrene is a thermal insulation material with uniformly distributed closed cells. TECHNONICOL XPS does not absorb water, does not swell and shrink, and is chemical–resistant and undecayable. Its high hardness allows producing an even, and at the same time rigid base and it significantly increases a lifespan of a heat–insulating system as a whole.

Areas of application:

TECHNONICOL XPS is used in a civil construction industry while arranging thermal protection of the basement, roofs, floors, and thermal insulation of facades. The extruded foamed polystyrene (another name is the extruding foamed polystyrene) is a new word in the field of thermal insulating technologies. Despite the fact that its production has started more than 60 years ago, it has no analogue neither in Russia, or anywhere else in the world so far.

TECHNONICOL XPS is a universal insulate material in every respect. Firstly, a wide range of different objects, constructions and buildings can be effectively insulated with the extruding foamed polystyrene. In other words, it has a truly wide field of application. TECHNONICOL XPS is used for thermal insulation of floors, walls, basements, roofs, as well as various engineering constructions and roads. To sum up, the extruding foamed polystyrene can be used in industrial construction as well as in private house building.

Secondly, TECHNONICOL XPS processes the unique performance specifications. Admittedly the extruding foamed polystyrene has the lowest index of heat conductivity among the similar products.

In addition, TECHNONICOL XPS is characterized by its chemical resistance, high compressive strength, water- and vapor resistance, and is also resistant to mould and fungi growth. Therefore, not only quality thermal insulation is provided by TECHNONICOL XPS extruding foamed polystyrene but also a variety of other deteriorative and negative factors are stopped by it. Moreover, the extruding foamed polystyrene is classified as an environmentally friendly material. This feature puts it above any competition with other insulating materials. The extruded (extruding) foamed polystyrene is produced by TechnoNICOL Corporation with application of the most recent technologies and up-to-date equipment. It allows production of truly high-quality, reliable and long-lasting thermo insulating material. TECHNONICOL XPS is represented by several varieties in an assortment of our corporation. They are oriented toward the most efficient solutions of your construction tasks.

In particular, we offer you the following varieties of the extruding foamed polystyrene: TECHNONICOL XPS 35-250 and 35-300, TECHNONICOL XPS 30-250 STANDARD and 30-200 STANDARD, and also TECHNONICOL XPS 45-500. These varieties of the extruding foamed polystyrene differ from each other by the compression strength, density, water absorption capacity, and also the coefficient of heat conductivity in varied operational environments. Properly chosen extruding foamed polystyrene is an effective and long-lasting solution for the problems with thermal insulation, profound reduction of the costs of heating and the guarantee of durability of constructions and buildings.

Basic physical and mechanical properties

Density, kg/m3, no less thantd> 28-30 30-35 38-45 30 30 30 30
Shrinkage resistance at 10 percent linear deformation, no less than, kPa 280 300 500 250 250
250 250
Maximum strength for static bending, no less than, MPa 0,040 0,040 0,045 0,035 0,035 0,035 0,035
Thermal conductivity at 25 °С W/(m*°С), no more than
0,028 0,028 0,031 0,029 0,029
0,029 0,029
Thermal conductivity under type «А» and «B» conditions, W/mК, no more than 0,030 0,030 0,032 0,031 0,031 0,031 0,031
Water absorption, no more than % of volume 0,2 0,2 0,2 0,2 0,2 0,2 0,2
Operating temperature, °K from -70 up to +75
Vapor permeability;, no less than mg/(m2*h*Pa)) 0,011 0,010 0,005 0,010 0,010 0,010 0,010
Specific heat capacity, kJ/(kg*°С) 1,45 1,45 1,50 1,45 1,45 1,45 1,45
Fire resistance category F4 F3 F4 F4 F3 F3 F3
Dimensions *
Thickness, mm 40, 50,
60, 80,
40, 50,
60, 80,
100, 120
40, 50, 60 60 30, 40, 50,
60, 80, 100
from 10/30 to 30/50
Length, mm 1180, 2380 1180, 2380 1180, 4000, 4500 1180 1180 1200 600
Width, mm 580 580
580   580 600 1200  


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Extruded foamed polystyrene


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