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The launch of XPS TECHNONICOL plant

The launch of XPS TECHNONICOL plant 16.05.2019 May 16, 2019, a solemn ceremony of a new TECHNONICOL enterprise launch was held in Osipovichi (the Republic of Belarus).
The investment cost of the project amounted to 800 million Russian roubles. This is the eighth enterprise for the production of XPS TECHNONICOL in the world and the first one in the Republic of Belarus. Announced annual production of 360 thousand cubic meters of polymer insulation allows the company to complete large construction projects, as well as supply DIY networks.

The annual demand for extruded polystyrene in the Republic of Belarus today is estimated at 230 thousand cubic meters. The main share of products, about 60%, will be supplied to the domestic market. Belarusian consumers have been appreciated the high quality and reliability of XPS TECHNONICOL, which was previously imported into the republic from other enterprises of the company. 40% of products will be exported to the countries of the Eastern Europe and the Baltic States, Ukraine and Russia. Today, the TECHNONICOL plant in the Republic of Belarus is one of the flagships of development in foreign markets, the plant’s products are shipped to more than 20 countries, even to such far situated countries as Singapore and Thailand. With the launch of the new plant the export potential of the company will increase.

Specialists in the field of housing and public utilities, industrial and civil construction positively evaluate the technical characteristics of XPS TECHNONICOL. This material does not absorb water, does not swell and does not shrink, is chemically resistant and is not subject to decay, which significantly increases the life of the entire thermal insulation system, whether it is the foundation, roof, floor or facade of the building.

The company has installed modern automated lines of the German company Berstorff GmbH, which makes it possible to quickly changeover the production and produce a wide range of popular products.

TECHNONICOL Corporation guarantees world standards of quality and production culture at a new plant in Osipovichi. According to Sergey Kolesnikov, co-owner and president of the Corporation: “TECHNONICOL is one of the leaders in labor productivity in Russia. In the Republic of Belarus we also rely on the philosophy of lean manufacturing and are actively working to increase productivity. Estimated labor productivity at this enterprise will be 36 million roubles per employee per year."

The new enterprise created 30 jobs for highly qualified specialists, many of them underwent vocational training at other factories of the Corporation.

“I want to wish wealth and prosperity to the people who work here. I am convinced that today we are present at the next serious step forward. This event can be compared to the opening of the road. I want to wish it to be broad and lead to goals that leaders set for themselves,” said Sergey Nalyvaiko, the Minister of Taxes and Duties of the Republic of Belarus.


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