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TeсhnoNIKOL expands production of modern building materials

TeсhnoNIKOL expands production of modern building materials 23.01.2013 Corporation TekhnoNIKOL provides additional capacity in the membranes Planter LODZHIKRUF factory in Ryazan. Investment will be more than 180 million rubles.

TeсhnoNIKOL Corporation, a Russian manufacturer and supplier of high-tech and reliable roofing and insulation systems, expands production capacity of the plant LODZHIKRUF Ryazan. The enterprise will be installed a second production line for the membranes PLANTER - one of the most advanced solutions for buildings with high requirements for reliability and safety. Capacity of the new line - 10 million m2 per year.

Investment in production equipment will be more than 180 million rubles. The new line will be made specially commissioned by TeсhnoNIKOL Amut (Italy) - a leader in the production of equipment for extrusion plants for processing thermoplastic materials. The total capacity of the plant LODZHIKRUF after the new hardware is 15.5 million m2 per year, which is 1.5 times the capacity of the market the membranes of Russia in 2012.

"The membranes PLANTER - one of the most advanced of our products. Recently, the demand for innovative building materials is growing steadily, because the use of modern technologies in construction can significantly reduce the construction cost of the building and reduce construction time - says E. Spiryakov, head of "Polymeric membrane" TeсhnoNIKOL Corporation. - Production capacity LODZHIKRUF now loaded at 100 percent, the installation of the new line will meet the demand for the product. The existing line will be moved to the Urals (the production site TeсhnoNIKOL-Yugra), thus increasing the availability of PLANTER the Urals, Siberia and the Far East. "


Plant LODZHIKRUF (Ryazan), which is part of the Corporation TeсhnoNIKOL - Russia's first plant for the production of PVC membranes full cycle. The official launch of the plant in February 2008, and at the same time received the first meter of membrane. Now the maximum capacity is 3000 kg / h or 10 million m2 of membrane per year. In 2013, the capacity will increase to 20 million m2 per year. Since 2011 the plant started production of the membranes of high density polyethylene brand PLANTER. All production is fully automated, including the mixing of raw materials, which ensures the quality of products. The enterprise resource use modern technology to optimize the flow of energy, gas and water. On the territory of plants installed air suction that it cleans the air and makes the production of environmentally friendly. All the products of the plant corresponds to the specifications and standards of the EU and Russia, as evidenced by the corresponding certificates. Permanent multistage quality of membranes in own accredited laboratory equipped with the necessary equipment in accordance with European standards. At the beginning of 2013 more than 35 million square meters. Russian feet securely protected PVC roofing membranes TeсhnoNIKOL production.

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