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TechnoNICOL plants among the leaders of the Labour Productivity Award

TechnoNICOL plants among the leaders of the Labour Productivity Award 12.10.2016 The Ryazan Technoflex plant ranked first on the list of construction materials enterprises with high level of labour productivity. The Khabarovsk Bazalit-DV plant positioned second among companies with substantial performance per employee growth rate.

In October, the second National Award for labour productivity among Russian industrials published rating results. TechnoNICOL proved its leadership among companies producing construction materials. In 2015, the average level of performance per employee at TechnoNICOL plants constituted 13.4 mn rur per year. It is 9% higher than the relevant figure of 2014 and considerably surpasses the average level in the field.

According to the Industrial management website (, the TOP-1000 Russian companies include 78 enterprises for the production of construction materials. As of year-end 2015, their total revenue amounted to 130.9 bn rur with the average performance per employee of 2.61 mn/year.

Against this backdrop, the award acknowledged the Technoflex plant as the year’s leader for labour productivity. The enterprise produces polymer-bitumen roofing and waterproofing materials. The plant is equipped with high-tech production lines designed by the Italian Boato International company. Its performance per employee constitutes 26.46 mn rur, which more than 10 times exceeds the average figure in the industry.

The second place in the rating’s list of companies with the highest growth rate in labour productivity took the Khabarovsk Bazalit-DV plant. The enterprise produces non-flammable thermal stone wool insulation. Its performance per employee has risen by 108% over the past year to reach 8.27 mn rur. In the overall sector rating, the Bazalit-DV plant takes the 4th place.

As of year-end 2014, the leader among construction materials enterprises was Technoplex, which is another TechnoNICOL plant for the production of extruded polystyrene in Ryazan. Its performance per employee in 2014 constituted 28.33 mn rur.

The focus on industrial labour productivity has increased significantly after the Decree of the Russian President V. V. Putin № 596 (May 7, 2012), which sets high priority on increasing performance per employee 1.5 times by 2018 as compared to the year 2011. To form the rating, the Industrial management website analysts studies the data of over 5000 Russia’s companies that employ 5.6 mn people. Their overall revenue amounts to 55% of the Russian GDP.

TechnoNICOL plants among the leaders of the Labour Productivity Award

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