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TechnoNICOL makes global benchmark roofing technologies available to Russian builders

TechnoNICOL makes global benchmark roofing technologies available to Russian builders 11.08.2016 The TechnoNICOL Corporation, one of the leading international producers of reliable and effective construction materials, develops the first Russian roofing system with PIR (polyiso) thermal insulator and roll-fed waterproofing polymer-bitumen materials. The solutions have been assigned fire hazard class K0 by the VNIIPO of EMERCOM of Russia and recommended for use on objects with various functional destinations and any level of construction danger.

Today, the structure of polymer-bitumen roofs with rigid polyisocianyrate foam insulation (PIR) is one of the most progressive trends in the world. The technology allows combining economy, lightweight, transportation comfort, comprehensive mounting and high exploitation properties of polymer-bitumen waterproofing with advanced features of polymer heat insulation.

The progressive roofing systems with polyiso insulation and polymer membranes TN-ROOF Garant and TN-ROOF Smart PIR have already paved their way to Russian builders and made a good account of themselves. In addition to these systems, TechnoNICOL designed new solutions: TN-ROOF Solid for roofs on reinforced concrete basement and TN-ROOF Master for roofs on steel shaped decking with polymer-bitumen waterproofing laid directly on the insulator. The lack of wet processes when making the concrete blinding coat accelerates the mounting and decreases the materials-output ratio.

TechnoNICOL makes global benchmark roofing technologies available to Russian buildersAccording to IAL Consultants data, the polyiso market share is about 76% in the USA and over 40% in the segment of flat roofs in Europe. The demand on the Old Continent is rising each year by approximately 3%. The PIR boards have excellent thermal conductivity of 0,022 W/(m·K) and thus contribute to energy efficiency. A thin layer is enough to reach the required resistance to heat flow and decrease the pressure on load-bearing members by 6 to 7 times. Apart from that, PIR does not absorb water and has high breaking strength. It creates rigid basement ensuring excellent exploiting properties of the roof surface. Thanks to its closed-cell rigid foam structure with effective fire-retardant agents, PIR does not support flame and fades out autonomously when flame source is lacking. The low flammability of polymer heat insulation enables the welding of the waterproofing layer.

The TechnoNICOL proper research centers developed polymer-bitumen materials that can be placed directly on PIR boards without protective screed. UNIFLEX EXPRESS can be easily welded on the thermal insulator due to fast melting pace of the polymer-bitumen binder. UNIFLEX C with self-adhesive bitumen layer, polymer modifier and special adhesive additives can be also attached to the heat insulator.

The second layer of the roof cladding is the premium polymer-bitumen material TECHNOELAST. The manufacturing technology combines the unique formula, modern equipment and high quality of raw materials. This complex ensures reliability and long lifecycle of the product, and the coarse-grained slate dressing provides additional protection against rainfall, sunlight and other destructive factors.

The technology has already won confidence of builders all over the world and now opens new horizons to Russian contractors and consumers. The installation of polymer-bitumen roofs, which are the product of choice for industrial constructions, residential estate, hotel complexes, office and administrative buildings, require less time and materials. The new TechnoNICOL solutions for roofs have successfully passed the necessary survey and certification procedures, including tests for fire safety.

According to the Russian Federal Law № 123-FL, three main indicators of fire safety are to be considered when installing roofs. These are fire-resistance (time from the start of fire impact till the loss of load-bearing capacity and/or construction’s continuity), class of constructive fire danger (to what extent the building structure participates in fire dissemination and evolution of danger factors), and the class of functional fire danger (depends on the building’s function and threat for humans).

The implementation of ready building solutions provides the guaranteed fire safety properties. The new roofing systems of TechnoNICOL have successfully passed tests at the VNIIPO of EMERCOM of Russia. According to the official conclusion, the solutions have been assigned fire hazard class K0, which means they are not subject to fire risk. The TN-ROOF Solid have fire resistance not less than RE 90 and can be used in buildings with any level of fire hazard, among them residential, public, administrative, industrial, agricultural and warehousing constructions. The implementation of the non-flammable stone wool thermal insulator TECHNOROOF Н30 with thickness of at least 50 mm at the bottom layer ensures the fire-resistant level RE 15 of the system TN-ROOF Master and makes it suitable for buildings of any class of functional fire hazard.

«The emergence of new roofing systems helps to overcome the technological lag behind the West and boosts effectiveness of the whole building industry», comments TechnoNICOL CEO Vladimir Markov. «The implementation of the TechnoNICOL advanced technologies in the building process allows decreasing the labor intensity and materials-output ratio, reach high class of efficiency in accordance with international green standards and ensure fire safety of roofs. All systems are meant for continuous service for periods of time between capital repairs and, in case the requirements of manufacturer are observed, do not cause any trouble to future homeowners».

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