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TechnoNICOL launched production of innovative insulation materials LOGICPIR in Ryazan

TechnoNICOL launched production of innovative insulation materials LOGICPIR in Ryazan  25.05.2016 The new plant for production of energy-efficient polyisocyanurate foam insulation LOGICPIR was launched in Ryazan at a special event on May 24. The production capacity of the plant is 30 mn m2 per year. The amount of company’s investment in the project reached 1.7 bn rur. Manufactures are to be supplied to Russian regions, countries of CIS, Eastern and Northern Europe.

The special ceremony was assisted by the Minister of building, housing and utility infrastructure Mikhail Men, First Deputy Head of the Minister of building and trade Gleb Nikitin, Vice-Governor and First Deputy Head of the Ryazan district Government Sergey Filimonov and the President and Managing Partner of TechnoNIKOL Sergey Kolesnikov.
TechnoNIKOL transfers advanced technologies, redefining the Russian insulation market. PIR boards have a wide range of advantages, such as low combustibility, high heat saving efficiency (thermal conductivity value 0,022 W/(m·K), compression capacity over 120 kPa and high resistance to pedestrian traffic in flat roofs. These properties make PIR popular with the international building market. The market share of polyisocyanurate foam insulation is 76% in USA and around 40% in Europe.
“The Russian building industry trailed the world leaders by approximately 5 years. Nevertheless, as years go by, the situation is levelling off. We start production of innovative materials with long life cycle and enhanced reliability. The substitution of import level at the market of roofing, waterproofing and thermal insulation materials already increased 90%. The overwhelming majority of houses is built with materials produced within our country. Moreover, the quality of our goods sometimes exceeds the one of cross border samples,” opines Mikhail Men in his speech.
The enterprise is to become the largest plant in Europe, so the production line of LOGICPIR is unique. The production capacity of the plant is 30 mn m2 material per year. The amount of the company’s investment reached 1.7 bn rur. “I am convinced that the decision to advance import and bring the innovative insulation material to Russia will lead to a break-through towards international quality standards in the national building industry,” commented Gleb Nikitin, First Deputy Head of the Minister of industry and trade.
The LOGICPIR plant is the seventh production enterprise of TechnoNIKOL in Ryazan. The company produces a wide range of construction materials in the region, and some major trends of the building industry originate in Ryazan Scientific Centers of TechnoNICOL. “I am proud to announce that the Ryazan district has become one of leaders in exporting construction materials to CIS and Non-CIS countries. The labelling “Made in Ryazan” is becoming the guaranty of goods quality on all the continents. The new plant will definitely become one more example of productive collaboration between the District and the Corporation,” First Deputy Head of Ryazan Government Sergey Filimonov said.

TechnoNICOL Corporation is constantly on the move, making its competence more and more perfect. Our key operational principle is all-inclusive mastership. When designing the production line we considered the modern advances of the industry and performance per employee,” said Sergey Kolesnikov, the TechnoNICOL President and Managing Partner.
In the course of this project, TechnoNICOL established a leading-edge scientific laboratory that controls quality parameters of finished goods and conducts elaborations of new unique recipes to comply with ever-growing market expectations. The company also plans to open the Research and Development center to create and upgrade polyurethane products.
The new plant of TechnoNIKOL meets all the requirements for environmental friendliness and safety. An important security blanket is the collaboration with leading chemical companies, such as Covestro AG, Basf, Dow Chemical, Huntsman Polyurethanes, that produce raw materials for polyurethanes. These suppliers are members of the European association ISOPA and operate in compliance with strict rules of transferring, warehousing and bleeding of raw components.

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