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TECHNONICOL China cooperates with Dongfeng Yueda KIA to open a new chapter in the market

TECHNONICOL China cooperates with Dongfeng Yueda KIA to open a new chapter in the market 19.07.2021

The Yancheng Dongfeng Yueda KIA plant is the third plant of Yueda KIA. In order to continue to maintain rapid growth and lay a solid foundation for the company's long-term development, Dongfeng Yueda KIA's third plant officially started construction in June 2012. The third factory is also located in the Yancheng Economic and Technological Development Zone and was built adjacent to the second factory. This layout is conducive to making full use of the existing production system, effectively integrating resources, and forming a synergistic effect of complementary advantages between the new and old factories. The third factory adopts internationally advanced automobile manufacturing equipment and technology and is a modern automobile manufacturing factory integrating high efficiency, environmental protection and energy saving. The third factory was put into operation in early 2014, with a design capacity of 300 000 units. Through active adjustment, it provides important support for the company to become a domestic first-class automobile brand. 

Dongfeng Yueda KIA’s third plant attaches great importance to the management, safety of the plant area and maintenance projects, especially the waterproofing of the plant, so it is very strict in terms of brand selection and product quality. In 2020, the third factory of Dongfeng Yueda KIA started the waterproof maintenance project of the plant. TECHNONICOL Group was successfully shortlisted for this project with its high-quality product quality and service. Mr. Wang Jian, the Sales Manager of TECHNONICOL China Group, fully demonstrated the service philosophy and professionalism of the Corporation in the cooperation with this project. Through the professional explanation of products and the provision of reasonable solutions, TECHNONICOL stood out among many foreign brands, won the unanimous recognition of the Dongfeng Yueda KIA Company and the general contractor Jiangsu United Construction Company, and successfully signed the contract in August 2020. A total of 41 000 square meters of Unifleks I PY PE PE 4 mm membrane were used in this project. The implementation of this project is also of epoch-making significance for TECHNONICOL China that started the first maintenance project in the country, which marked the official launch of TECHNONICOL's new market strategy.   

Mr. Wang Jian, Sales Manager of TN China, comments: “This cooperation with Dongfeng Yueda KIA is a beginning for us in the maintenance market. SBS products come from Russia, a major oil-producing country. This is our advantage and our confidence. TECHNONICOL has become a leader in the industry through high-quality products and service concepts. We not only pay attention to product quality, but we also invest more attention to customer service and the ultimate effect. Integrity is the mainstream of today's society, and TECHNONICOL has been leading the mainstream front-end from the beginning to the end, allowing customers to truly feel the difference through our products and services.” 

TECHNONICOL Group is the world's leading international manufacturer and supplier of roofing, waterproofing, thermal and sound insulation materials. The Company continues to build its image as a leader in the industry by virtue of its high-quality products and services.

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