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Strive for the heights

Strive for the heights 16.05.2014 One of the highest buildings in Vilnius built with TechnoNICOL materials and approved by energy-efficiency certificate - class "A".

At the end of May 2014 will open the doors of its new offices business center "Grand Office", built using the most energy efficient solutions and materials. This building is one of the highest in Vilnius and consists of 21 floors. This is the first office building in Lithuania, whose height reaches 81 m. But it grew not only upwards, for the convenience of staff that will work, provided a 3-level underground Parking.

Due to fact that "Grand Office" is located in the residential district, it is designed to tackle the issues of conservation of General architectural trends, aesthetic appeal, and the goal was to achieve high energy efficiency of the building. During the construction of the business centre was used only materials of the best quality. For roofing “Grand Office” were used waterproofing materials of the brand Technoelast, which have the highest properties and will provide the long life for new building.

TechnoNICOL roofing waterproofing materials are produced using only the best raw materials, modern equipment and the most advanced technologies. They enjoyed great success among architects and designers, which confirms the experience of their use in the most unique and important facilities not only in Lithuania, but also throughout Europe.


Technoelast K-PS 5000 - designed for installation as the top layer of roof cladding on buildings and constructions As top protective layer, the slate dressing compound is used for ultraviolet exposure protection of polymer-bitumen binder.
Technoelast K-MS 170/3000 is designed for installation as the bottom layer of roof cladding on buildings and structures, waterproofing of foundations and other structures with high reliability requirements.


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