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Sergey Kolesnikov launched BOERNER Construction Chemistry Plant in the Republic of Tatarstan

Sergey Kolesnikov launched BOERNER Construction Chemistry Plant in the Republic of Tatarstan 19.07.2019
Unique equipment, high-tech production lines, the 130-year history of the famous German brand, R&D center and high labor productivity - all this is a new BOERNER Construction Chemical Plant. Investments in the construction of the enterprise amounted to 650 million roubles.

On July, 17, the opening ceremony of the BOERNER Construction Chemistry Plant took place in the Republic of Tatarstan. The event was attended by the President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov, Director of the Department of Metallurgy and Materials of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Pavel Servatinsky, owner of BOERNER Sergey Kolesnikov, co-owner of TECHNONICOL.

BOERNER was founded in 1882. The German brand is known for high quality and holds a strong position among professionals in the construction market of Western Europe. In 2015, the company was acquired by Sergey Kolesnikov, a well-known industrialist, co-owner of TECHNONICOL and Nicole-Pak, owner of SUPERGLASS (Scotland), investor. In 2018, Mr. Kolesnikov decided to bring the BOERNER brand to the Russian market and invest in the construction of the Building Chemistry Plant in the territory of the Alabuga SEZ.

The President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov greeted the participants of the opening ceremony. “The President of the Russian Federation set a goal to double housing commissioning by 2024. This is a very serious task, and its implementation is impossible without modern building materials. We welcome the opening of a new enterprise, we wish the development and expansion of production and are ready to provide all possible assistance,” said Rustam Minnikhanov.
The volume of investments in the construction of the first stage amounted to 650 million roubles. The capacity of the BOERNER plant is 10,000 tons of finished products. Within three years, it is planned to install a second line and increase capacity to 20,000 tons.

“In the new plant, we have combined all the best - knowledge, traditions and technology. Production system of its own, the best minds in construction chemistry and surgical accuracy - all these became the basis of the BOERNER brand. In Germany they say: snow is white, stone is hard, BOERNER is quality. I am sure that very soon the market will fall in love with a new player and we will hear this phrase more than once, but from the lips of the Russian construction industry,” said Sergey Kolesnikov, owner of BOERNER.

The BOERNER Construction Chemistry Plant is built in accordance to high environmental safety standards. The plant is supplied with equipment operating on the principles of a closed cycle.

The main distinguishing features of the BOERNER plant are high-precision equipment, integrated quality, own production of a key component, R&D-Center.

The Swiss Pamasol line was created specifically for the BOERNER factory. The line has the highest metering accuracy, that is why Pamasol equipment is preferred by world pharmaceutical companies. Thanks to this accuracy, BOERNER guarantees consistent quality.

An automatic check of the components of the container ensures integrated product quality and safety for the end-user of the BOERNER polyurethane foam (the container is under pressure, which means the quality its packaging is extremely important).

Polyurethane foam consists of four components, one of which is called Component “A”, this is a key element in the formulation of polyurethane foams. It provides the target properties of the product. Own production of the Component allows to develop BOERNER products for the individual needs of consumers in all segments of the construction market. The BOERNER plant is one of the rare manufacturers that produces Component A itself. Product formulations are being developed at the BOERNER R&D Center.

By now the plant’s product range includes more than 60 items, including special products for fixing various building materials. The next step will be the expansion of the product line, including the launch of the production of sealants and adhesives BOERNER.

The plant will be focused on exports to Europe and Asia-Pacific.

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