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Roofing materials TechnoNICOL for waterproofing new object in Finland

Roofing materials TechnoNICOL for waterproofing new object in Finland 21.10.2014 Technoelast used to provide reliable waterproofing of the roof and indoor premises of the new logistics center STOCKMANN.

In the autumn of 2013 in Tuusula (Finland, 30 km north of Helsinki) started construction of a new distribution center STOCKMANN. This place is a good example of a project based on the needs of customers who will get the opportunity to enter new markets. At the same time, the construction of the center will strengthen the logistics cluster that already exists in this area. The new logistics center will help to optimize the storage spaces STOCKMANN in Finland, as well as to distribute the load with the office in Riga. Opening of the center is planned in 2016.

To ensure reliable waterproofing of new logistics center are used the highest quality materials TechnoNICOL, which are supplied from the office TN-Suomi and TechnoNICOL plant in Vyborg. Currently at this facility are installing the bottom layer of the roof cladding, which is represented by materialsTechnoelast K-MS 170/4000 and Technoelast K-MS 170/3000. As the top layer of roofing will be usedTechnoelast K-PS 170/5000. The total volume of materials for roof waterproofing is 138 000 m2. After completion of the roofing works the aterials will be supplied for waterproofing of indoor premises.

This object is of interest not only in the choice of materials and volumes, but also the possibility of further extension. The total area is approximately 133 hectares and is sufficient space for another logistics center of the same size, which is planned to be built in the future. We are confident that the materials TechnoNICOL is the best choice and they will be used in subsequent objects STOCKMANN.

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