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How to repair the apartment building roof effectively?

How to repair the apartment building roof effectively? 15.07.2016 The TechnoNICOL Corporation held a practical seminar in Volgograd for representatives of building and engineering organizations.

In June, the TechnoNICOL Corporation conducted a practical seminar on Technical supervision in apartment houses’ roof repairs. The workshop was held in the Interregional center for advanced training and certification in Volgograd. The attendees of the workshop included heads of building and design engineering organizations of the Volgograd region.

Ivan Degtyarev, the technical director of Industrial and civil construction department of TechnoNICOL, discussed different types of roofs and their construction elements, the impact of various loads on roof membranes, rules of construction material selection, the implementation of roll-fed materials and defects coming standards’ violation. Apart from that, Mr. Degtyarev presented the technical and economic comparison of bitumen and polimer-bitumen materials.

“The effective repairing of roofs depends on many factors, two of them being of utmost importance. These are the choice of high quality materials and their correct implementation. Today the modern polimer-bitumen materials have replaced outdated technologies. TECHNOELAST and similar materials are suitable for ideal long-term waterproofing. The guaranteed lifespan of such products is 25-30 years on the roof,” comments Ivan Degtyarev.

The knowledge gained in the workshop will help the attendees to conduct repairs of roofs in the Volgograd region correctly and effectively, and ensure the qualified maintenance of apartment buildings.  

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