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Builders of the Republic of Tatarstan are welcome to improve their skills

Builders of the Republic of Tatarstan are welcome to improve their skills 25.11.2016 November 23, Kazan host the opening of the joint Training center of TechnoNICOL and the Kazan construction college. After the official part, the public officials and building industry experts raised current problems of working professionals’ education at the round-table discussion «Education is the basis to improve the quality of construction. New opportunities with the WorldSkills movement».

The TechnoNICOL Corporation, one of the largest international producers of reliable and effective construction materials, and the Kazan construction college opened the joint Training center. It is situated on Khalezova str., 26 in Kazan. The facility has a room for hands-on training equipped with mockups, demonstration stands and individual posts to improve mounting, exploiting and quality control skills on flat and pitched roofs, insulation systems of facades, foundations and other structural elements. The practical zone is neighboring the theory room, which has a projector to view educational films and a notebook with programs to calculate construction solutions and consult the interactive guide of roofing systems.

The opening ceremony of the Training center was attended by the high officials of the Republic of Tatarstan: the Deputy Prime-Minister Vasil Shaikhraziev, Deputy Minister of education and science Andrey Pominov, Deputy Minister of construction, housing and utilities Ilshat Gimaev and the Director of the Kazan construction college Alexander Prosnev. On the part of TechnoNICOL, the Vice-president Eugene Voylov and the Head of the Construction academy Elvir Davletshin attended the event.

The solemn part of the event was followed by the round-table discussion «Education is the basis to improve the quality of construction. New opportunities with the WorldSkills movement», which was devoted to the current problems of the building industry. It is worth mentioning that the Republic of Tatarstan has an advanced construction market. The data released by RosStat demonstrate that in the period from January to September of 2016, the region put into service 1747.5 thousand sq.m of residential buildings’ overall square, and the construction works during this period equaled 150.4 bn rur. At the same time, many experts agree that there is a problem with hands-on training of students and building professionals. The solution is to enhance the collaboration between the private business, the educational system and the state structures in order to develop the construction sphere and increase the quality of education in the market of building services.

Builders of the Republic of Tatarstan are welcome to improve their skills

The Deputy Prime-Minister of the Republic of Tatarstan Vasil Shaikhraziev stated: «The Republic of Tatarstan supports the program of capital repairs, as well as other federal programs, and we strive to implement here the next-day technologies. We have national enterprises that give us the technologies and materials for capital repairs. Nevertheless, the correctly manufactured materials are not the guarantee of the final construction’s quality. The builders must have appropriate skills for their implementation. So, the resource centers are required to prepare the much needed professionals for the national economy».

The Vice-president of TechnoNICOL Eugene Voylov focused on the tie between the quality of education and the quality of the construction: «We believe that the training of builders is the foundation of the national building market improvement. The activity of TechnoNICOL is not limited to the development, manufacturing and integration of construction products and solutions required by the economy. We make them comprehensive and available to our professional customers with constant education and feedback. The centers of the Construction academy are important for builders’ up-skilling. The infrastructure of the new training center cost the company several million rubles. The sum was spent on equipment, books, tutorials and educational materials. Now, the new facility is capable of training up to 1000 people per year.

The Head of the Construction academy and the WorldSkills National expert in Roofing works talked about collaboration with Worldskills: «The opening of the Training center takes place on the threshold of the WorldSkills Championship in Kazan, which is due to happen in 2019. It was the initiative of TechnoNICOL to introduce the Roofing works to the list of WorldSkills national competences. During the 90th, this profession was forgotted, so that now one can hardly find a training institution for roofers. Against this backdrop, I’d like to focus on our plans to arrange here an educational site, which could certify roofers of the Privolzhsky Federal District».

The Training center opening ceremony was attended by media of the Republic of Tatarstan and over 50 representatives of construction companies and educational organizations. The high level of guests and participants has confirmed the rise of social interest in the construction field and the training of future specialists of the building industry.

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