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TechnoNICOL Corporation presented 3 new Stone wool materials for private house-building


The assortment row of the 'Make it yourself' product line is now presented by 4 products - floor-mats TEPLOROLL and plates ТЕCHNOACUSTIC, ROCKLIGHT and ТЕCHNOBLOCK. All the materials are designed for repair and private house-building.

By the beginning of the construction season TechnoNICOL Corporation has specially developed 3 new Stone wool materials: rolled floor-mats TEPLOROLL, and plates ТЕCHNOACUSTIC and ТЕCHNOBLOCK. All the three materials meet high requirements of energy-saving, non-combustiblity, safety, and convenience of use, and allow to perform all necessary work concerning heat-, and sound insulation of premises.

The rolled floor-mats TEPLOROLL are developed to carry out insulating work on horizontal and inclined designs. The material is new, absolutely inert and safe for health, nonflammable, as well as energy-saving, which makes it irreplaceable for housing construction. The chaotic arrangement of long fibres strongly fastened with binding substance makes TEPLOROLL keep the size and remain steady against deformations unlike the others rolled heat-insulating materials. It provides tight and perfect conformity of isolation plates to frame racks and to each other so that it can reduce 'cold bridges'. The product's service life is comparable to a building service life, and its heat conductivity is 15 times low than that of a brick and 3 times low than wood, and makes up not more than 0,040 Watt/ (m * ° C).

To ensure sound insulation of premises the company has launched production of ТЕCHNOACUSTIC Stone wool plates which meet all ecological and fire safety requirements. So, the use of the plates in interroom partitions helps to lower the level of air noise on 57 decibels (dB), which allows to create comfortable atmosphere in the room having such outside irritators as rumble of cars, shouts from the street, sounds of music coming through from the neighbours.

To insulate framed and interroom partitions, as well as other vertical constructions, TechnoNICOL Corporation offers well-known plates ТECHNOBLOCK. They have high operational characteristics, provide low water penetration, and high durability on compression: all the factors that make the plates reliable and durable. Besides, the material is favourably distinguished by simplicity of processing and installation. ТECHNOBLOCK plates have density from 40 to 70 kg/m3 and depending on a version, are recommended for application in various types of roofs, frame walls (including external) with various kinds of furnish (including siding). Besides, ТECHNOBLOCK plates can be used as the first (internal) heat-insulating layer in hinged front systems with an air spacing and the two-layer scheme of warming. By the building season of 2012 ТECHNOBLOCK plates have been produced in a small pack with volume of 0,288 cubic metres, which allows to easily transport the material in any car as well as to reduce the unnecessary remainders of the thermal protection to a minimum.

the 'Make it yourself' product line

The assortment row of the Stone wool heat-insulating materials of the 'Make it yourself' series is designed for repair of apartments and private housing building as well as for retail. The first material of this series was universal Stone wool plates ROCKLIGHT which may be used in almost any construction part of a summer house or apartment where the heater does not have any loading. In the building season of 2012 the product line 'Make it yourself' will be presented by 4 products: TEPLOROLL , ТЕCHNOACUSTIC, ROCKLIGHT and ТЕCHNOBLOCK. All the products are issued in the package of a warm orange colour. And ТЕCHNOACUSTIC packs are additionally supplied with a special pictogramme to specify the raised sound-proof properties of the material.

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