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TechnoNICOL Corporation Invests 45 mln $ into Construction of a New Plant in Rostov Region


TechnoNICOL Corporation and Rostov Region Agency for investment development finish preliminary work on localisation in the region of the largest factory in the Southern Russia to produce Stone wool heat-insulating materials.

The weeks to come there will begin land registration procedure. TechnoNICOL Corporation plans to invest about 45 mln US dollars of its own funds in construction of the factory. The prospective payback period will make about 10 years. ТеchnoNICOL will construct the plant for production of mineral insulation of basalt fibre near Rostov-on-Don, in Krasnosulinsky industrial park.

Today, experts mark a stable demand for a heat insulating Stone wool in the region. After the plant start up, TehnoNICOL plans to cover 40-45 % of the demand. At present, the estimations prove that the share of the Southern Federal Area in the Russian market of Stone wool makes up 90 million US dollars.

Under the project, the factory will house a modern European industrial line with capacity of 50,000 tons of a heater a year.

The unique technology of waste processing will be applied in the plant which will give the opportunity to organise a closed cycle manufacture process. Introduction of highly effective system of air clearing will allow to minimise emission of harmful substances into atmosphere. Thus, from the ecological point of view, the new enterprise will be absolutely safe.

The plant's assortment will include the whole series of Stone wool products of ТеchnoNICOL, including general building technical insulation, materials of flameproof systems, as well as АGRО products. The heater manufacturing will be based on modern cupola technology which is widely applied in Europe and Russia.

TechnoNICOL Corporation has considerable experience of successful implementation of similar investing projects. So, for the last years the company has been put into operation 5 similar plants in Russia and 1 in Ukraine, says Roman Kolesnikov, Head of Stone wool Sales Department of TechnoNICOL Corporation, our goal is to provide the Russian market with a high-quality and accessible Stone wool heat insulation of the domestic production”.

Realisation of the project will provide the region with 300 additional workplaces and taxes to the budget.

TechnoNICOL Corporation will become a new resident of Krasnosulinsky industrial park, and the catalyst of its development, said Igor Burakov, CIO of the Agency for Investment Development of Rostov region. In Krasnosulinsky industrial park we intend shortly to localise 2-3 more new factories. The total volume of investments in the coming years can make $325 - 370 million. The fact that the national leader in the Stone wool production segment has made its choice in favour of East Donbass confirms the investment appeal and favorable prospects of development of the territory which day by day becomes an industrial heart of Rostov region”.

Putting the new TechnoNICOL plant into operation is planned for the first half of 2014. At the moment, the cost estimation work on connection of the chosen land to engineering communications is coming to an end.

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