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A New Self-Adhesive Rolled Material of TechnoNICOL


TechnoNICOL Corporation has manufactured a new self-adhesive waterproofing rolled material Тechnoelast BARRIER LIGHT which will considerably simplify the installation works as well as reduce the term and cost of the works.

The new TechnoNICOL self-adhesive material will allow to do waterproofing of internal premises without application of a protective cement-sandy coupler by directly putting ceramic tiles on the material. It is made on a modern Italian line Boato designed for production of unsupported self-adhesive materials in the roofing factory in Voskresensk.

The material has a set of high qualitiy and technological features:

  • the self-adhesive bottom layer allows the material to be piled without any use of an additional equipment (cylinders with propane, hoses, burners, etc.), which means that the material can be piled on the combustible basis;
  • ceramic tiles can be directly put on the waterproofing material - the top layer is made of Spunbond (polypropylene)
  • convenient installation and adjustment — no basis is used which ensures less frame and higher elasticity;
  • small weight - 1,5 kg/sq.m. makes the product even more friendly during installation.

Technical Information

Тechnoelast BARRIER LIGHT is a rolled self-adhesive waterproofing bituminous-polymeric unsupported material. It is produced by applying a siliconized anti-adhesive film of a bituminous-polymeric self-adhesive binding agent. The protective covering Spunbond (polypropylene) is applied on top of the material.

According to 'The Manual for Projecting and Application of Waterproofing Material in Internal Premises made of self-adhesive bituminous-polymeric material 'Тechnoelast BARRIER (БО)' and 'Technoelast BARRIER LIGHT', it can be used in all climatic areas due to СНиП 23-01.

Technical characteristics:

Items of Тechnoelast BARRIER LIGHT

Thickness, mm (±0,1 mm) 1,5

Weight of 1 m² in kg, (±0,25 kg) 1,5

Temperature of a beam flexibility R=25 mm, not lower than -25º C

Thermal stability, not less than 85º C

Durability of coupling, МPа (kgs/cm ²), not less
- with concrete 0.2 (2.0)
- with metal 0.2 (2.0)

Shear strength of the adhesive joint, kN/m(kgs/сm), not less 2(2)

Type of the protective covering
an upper side - Spunbond (polypropylene)
a lower side – anti-adhesive film

Package of a pallet, a white shrink-wrap with logo.

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