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A New Line of Bituminous Waterproofing Material 'AquaMast'


TechnoNICOL Corporation has begun to produce a new retail line of waterproofing mastics, protective structures and primers under the trade mark of AquaMast.

This series of production has been specially developed to meet the needs of individuals and small contract companies, and it does not demand any special training, which is a real advantage.

The new AquaMast materials are the European level products from the Russian manufacturer which provide a reliable waterproofing at a reasonable price, and follow the principle: 'One problem - one solution'.

The new AquaMast series from ТechnoNICOL is presented by 7 independent products with the expected scopes of application such as waterproofing for roofs and basements, anti-corrosive processing, repair and gluing, waterproofing of bathrooms, vertical waterproofing for tiles and for basis preparation.

TechnoNICOL Corporation is known in the market of mastics, primers and hermetics for professional construction for more than 10 years. At present, ТechnoNICOL is one of the leading manufacturers of bitumen materials of a mastic group in the territory of Russia and the CIS. The products of this category are produced by 6 plants with the cumulative capacity of about 150,000 tons.

The assortment of this professional series is presented by bitumen, bituminous-polymeric, bituminous-rubber, bituminous-latex (liquid rubber) compositions for building needs, as well as bitumen hermetics and emulsions for road works. Every year, reflecting the demand of the market, a series of bituminous mastics replenishes with new highly demanded products which are thoroughly tested in the Corporation's own research centers. Thanks to the teamwork of experts of the centers and builders, TechnoNICOL Corporation has achieved good results in manufacture of the materials which are not inferior to European analogues, and sometimes they excel them.

The AquaMast trade mark from TechnoNICOL Corporation are the products with high degree of trust produced by the well-known manufacturer.

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