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OS 72746455-3.3.1-2012

The extruded polystyrene foam XPS TECHNOPLEX is a thermal insulation panel used to insulate balconies and partition walls, to construct floors and “under floor heating” and to establish paths and insulate small household outbuildings.

XPS TECHNOPLEX is one of the best thermal insulation materials for suburban and apartment insulation.

The production process of XPS TECHNOPLEX makes use of nanoscale graphite particles. Nanographite reduces the thermal conductivity of the material and increases its strength. Thanks to being saturated with nanographite, panels of XPS TECHNOPLEX acquire a light-silver tone.

Scope of application:

The extruded polystyrene foam TECHNOPLEX is specially designed as a thermal insulator in the construction of private homes, the repair of residential properties, including "under floor heating" in apartments, and the insulation of balconies and lodges. The packaging allows the material to be conveniently transported.


  • Saves your money thanks to the best thermal insulation properties per m² compared with other thermal insulation materials;
  • saves heat 1.5 times more efficiently than standard foam plastics and 2 times more efficiently than stone and fibre glass;
  • is not afraid of damp;
  • does not shrink over time;
  • does not contain formaldehyde;
  • is not subject to damage from rodents;
  • convenient and simple to use. Ensures fast installation;
  • stable characteristics throughout its operational lifespan;
  • convenient packaging for transportation.



*-panels of other sizes can be made by agreement with the customer.

**- 20 mm thickness does not assume the presence of an “L”-edge**

the presence of an “L”-edge prevents the appearance of “thermal bridges”, and improves fastening.

Packaging information:

The panels are packaged in a UV-resistant membrane and delivered on pallets


Refer to “A Library of Technical Solutions on the Thermal Insulation of Enclosing Structures”.


Panels of XPS TECHNOPLEX can be stored under cover protecting them from atmospheric precipitation and sunlight. During storage under cover, the panels must be laid on pallets, stands, or slats.

XPS TECHNOPLEX panels can be stored in the open air in special packaging protecting them from external atmospheric effects.

Precautionary measures:

Keep away from fire. Chemically unstable on contact with petrol, organic solvents, and bituminous cement with a high organic solvent content.

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