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TS 2244-047-17925162-2006 mod. 1-3

TECHNONICOL C-XPS CARBON thermal insulation panels are plates made of extruded polystyrene foam with an attached protective layer of cement board. TECHNONICOL C-XPS CARBON panels are used in thermally insulating floors using “dry” technology, and in reconstructing buildings.

The production process of XPS TECHNONICOL C-XPS CARBON makes use of nanoscale carbon particles. Nanocarbon reduces the thermal conductivity of the material and increases its strength. Thanks to being saturated with nanocarbon, panels of XPS TECHNONICOL C-XPS CARBON acquire a dark silver tone and possess a high energy-efficiency index.

Scope of application:

This product is used in reconstructing and insulating attic rooms and in thermally insulating floors using "dry" technology. TECHNONICOL C-XPS CARBON thermal insulation panels have a lip along their entire edge, which ensures the elimination of "thermal bridges".


*- panels of other sizes can be made by agreement with the customer

**- the panels are made with a special lip

— The cement boards used as a protective layer must meet the demands of GOST 26816 on the CBPB-1 brand, having no cracks or chips. The surface and butting ends of the boards must be treated with water-resistant materials to reduce water absorbsion.

Packaging information:

The panels are packaged in a UV-resistant membrane and delivered on pallets


Refer to “Repair and Maintenance of Membrane Roofs. A Practical Reference for Housing and Utility Workers. 2011”


TECHNONICOL C-XPS CARBON panels can be stored under cover protecting them from atmospheric precipitation and sunlight. During storage under cover, the panels must be laid on pallets, stands, or slats.

TECHNONICOL C-XPS CARBON panels can be stored in the open air in special packaging protecting them from external atmospheric effects.

Precautionary measures:

Keep away from fire. Chemically unstable on contact with petrol, organic solvents, and bituminous cement with a high organic solvent content.

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