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OS 72746455-3.3.1-2012

A foundation of the “thermally insulated Swedish plate” type combines an insulating solid foundation panel structure with a network of utility lines, including an underfloor heating system. This comprehensive approach allows a thermally insulated base to be obtained in a short time, with in-built engineering systems and a level floor ready for covering with tiles, laminate, or another covering.

In the foundation structure, the extruded polystyrene foam TECHNONICOL CARBON ECO SP is used as a thermal insulator, which does not absorb water, does not expand or contract, is chemically stable and is not susceptible to decay. High compressive strength both under 10%-m, and 2%-m compression allows this material to be used in constructions under load and ensures the stability of its thickness under load.

XPS TECHNONICOL CARBON ECO SP is the only product in Russia specialized for constructing foundations of the “thermally insulated Swedish plate” type. Its high compressive strength under 2%-m compression and low thermal conductivity make this material highly popular in the construction of such foundations.

The production process of XPS TECHNONICOL CARBON ECO SP makes use of nanoscale carbon particles. Nanocarbon reduces the thermal conductivity of the material and increases its strength. Thanks to being saturated with nanocarbon, panels of XPS TECHNONICOL CARBON ECO acquire a dark silver tone and possess a high energy-efficiency index.

Scope of application:

  • Recommended for use in low-rise construction without cellars.
  • Widely used in the construction of frame houses, aerated concrete houses, timber houses with a subsequent internal section and any other types of light houses.
  • Convenient for action areas on the following terrain: sand, loam, clay soil, clay, and moisture-saturated or weak soil.

Advantages of “Swedish plate” technology:

  • Setting up the foundation and laying utility lines is performed in the process of a single technical operation, which allows for reduced construction time.
  • The surface of the foundation plate is ready to receive floor covering.
  • The thermal insulation layer under the foundation safely protects from heat loss, which means a reduction of expenses on heating the house.
  • The soil under the thermally insulated plate does not freeze, which eliminates problems on heaving soil.
  • Laying such a foundation allows you to either fully dispense with heavy equipment or at least minimize expenses on its use.


  • Simplicity — the construction process requires no special equipment;
  • Speed — the structure takes 2-3 weeks to erect;
  • Heat retention — keeps a consistent surface temperature throughout changes in external thermal influences;
  • Energy-efficiency — using 20 cm thickness XPS allows you to achieve the energy-efficiency values required in Europe;
  • Strength — foundations can be installed on weak surfaces;
  • Durability in biologically aggressive environments;
  • Operational lifespan in soils no less than 40 years

Cleaning the construction zone of topsoil

Laying the geotextile sheeting

Laying the levelling layer of sand

Compacting the levelling layer


Laying drainage with a backfill of gravel and sand.

Laying canalization

Laying the side pieces

Laying the first and second insulation layers

It is worth keeping in mind that a widening should be made under the ribs of the panel for a reinforcing frame to be laid in

Laying the reinforcing frame for the entire R.C. plate

Installing underfloor heating pipes and utility lines

Pouring the concrete using a concrete pump

The finished surface of a future home

XPS TECHNONICOL CARBON ECO SP is a specially developed brand of extruded polystyrene foam, used in the construction of “Swedish plate” for the side pieces and foundational layers of thermal insulation.


* - the presence of an “L”-edge prevents the appearance of “thermal bridges” and improves fastening.

Packaging information:

The panels are packaged in a UV-resistant membrane and delivered on pallets


Refer to OS 72746455-4.2.1-2013 “Planning and Installation of Shallow Subsurface Panel Foundations of the ’Thermally Insulated Swedish Plate’ Type”.


XPS TECHNONICOL CARBON ECO SP panels can be stored under cover protecting them from atmospheric precipitation and sunlight. During storage under cover, the panels must be laid on pallets, stands, or slats.

XPS TECHNONICOL CARBON ECO SP panels can be stored in the open air in special packaging protecting it from external atmospheric effects.

Precautionary measures:

Keep away from fire. Chemically unstable on contact with petrol, organic solvents, and bituminous cement with a high organic solvent content.

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