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PLANTER-standard eco

Application areas

Protection waterproofing layer and installation of wall drainage.

PLANTER-standard eco® is designed for the protection of a waterproofi ng layer of foundations and foundation slabs against capillary moisture in cottages and low-rise buildings and replacement of the concrete bed.

Description of material

PLANTER profile-shaped membrane membrane is produced from high-density polyethylene with formed shoulders that are 8 mm high. PLANTER has enhanced strength parameters, is chemical resistant, fungiproof, bacteria-resistant, is resistant to damage by the roots of plants and UV-radiation. PLANTER-standard eco® is a single-layer sheet made of high-density polyethylene with shoulders that are 8 mm high.


No storage features.


Property PLANTER-standard eco
Property PLANTER-standard eco 
Mass of 1 m2, kg, (±0.25 kg) 0,4 
Strength, kN/m2 (t/m2) 250 (~25) 
Water-passage capacity, l/sec*m2 
Volume of air between shoulders, l/m2 5,5 
Application temperature, °С -50/+70 
Roll dimensions, m 2.0х20 

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