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Repair and gluing AquaMast - TECHNONICOL

Bitumen cold mastic for repair of a roof and waterproofing AquaMast.

ТU 5775-065-72746455-2012


  • Quick repair of a roof
  • Firm and durable joint
  • Reliable protection from leaking

Product Description

Bitumen cold mastic for repair of a roof and waterproofing AquaMast is multicomponent homogeneous mass consisting of bitumen, filling compound and processing aids.


It is used for repairing roll roofing and mastic roof covering. It is also used to glue bitumen-based materials to brick, concrete, metal, wood, ceramic and other surfaces. Consumption of the mastic depends on the type of work and is 0.8-1.8 kg/ m

Operating Temperature

From – 5ºС to 40 ºС. At a temperature lower than 5°С it is necessary to keep the mastic at a room temperature during 24 hours.


Keep it in a dry protected from light place at a temperature of -20ºС to 30ºС. Guaranteed shelf life is 12 months.

Security measures

Do not use it near open flame. Work with it in well-ventilated rooms. Do not let it get on the skin or into eyes.


Metal pails with a capacity of 18 kg / 10 kg / 3,5 kg / cartridge 310 ml.


Property Bitumen cold mastic for repair of a roof and waterproofing AquaMast
Strength of cohesion with the basis, MPa, no less than  with metal 0,1 
Strength of adhesion to the base, MPa, not less than  with concrete 0,1 
Strength of cohesion between the layers, MPa, no less than   roll material – concrete 0,1 
roll material – roll material 0,1 
Shearing strength of glued connection, kN/m, no less than 0,1 
Nominal strength, MPa, no less than 0,2 
Mass concentration of nonvolatile matters, %, within the limits 82-92 
Relative elongation at break, % no less than 100 
Heat-resistance, degrees (Celsius) 100 
Working life, h, no less than 

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