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Coarse-grained Roof Dressing Compound

Coarse-grained Roof Dressing Compound is used for protection of a roof cladding that is made of bitumen and bitumen-polymer materials, from ultraviolet radiation and mechanical damage. It also increases general fire retardant properties of the roof. Ultraviolet radiation is a major factor that accelerates the aging of asphalt binder. The aging, in its turn, leads to cracking of the roof cladding and disturbance of the waterproof properties. In this regards, the dressing compound plays an important role in the operational life of the roof cladding.

Area of application:

Coarse-grained Roof Dressing Compound of different colors is supplied as a complement for bitumen and bitumen-polymer roofing materials. Packaged roof dressing compound is used during a process of installation of the roof cladding for filling in the joints between the rolls, the spots for installation of weathering slates, aerators, funnels, aerial outlets, repaired places of the roof, and other places where the asphalt binder needs protection against ultraviolet radiation. The roof dressing compound is also used as a main protective layer in the built-up roofing.



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