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The gas or liquid-fuel burners for different kinds of roofing are used during waterproofing works to heat up a cover mass of a roofing melting material, to prepare floors and roofings (drying and heating-up). The burners are also used for other types of repair and construction works, technologically connected with the use of open flame with surface heating temperatures of 400°С.

Gas-and-air burners of the ГГ-2, ГГ-2у, ГГ-2С/2Сэко, ГГК1, Sievert - series have a trigger which controls the operational flame. It allows the operator to switch quickly from the economical stand-by mode to the operating mode and vice versa. The propane/butane mixture is used as a combustible agent.

The burners are made from durable stainless materials or materials with a special zinc coating. Good protection of the flame is guaranteed by the design of the cup. Each burner is packed in a convenient corrugated cardboard box which has an additional set of rubber rings for a trigger device.

We recommend to use the gas-and-air burners in combination with the propane redaction valve БПО-5-3. The reduction valve is needed to optimize the gas discharge in the propane cylinder, pressure control at the outlet of the cylinder, and creation of a steady gas flow in the burner. Up to 30% of the propane/butane mixture can be saved when using the reduction valve.


Liquid-fuel burners of ГРЖ-series have a valve control and use diesel oil as a combustible agent. The burners are made from durable stainless materials. The flame is well-protected against wind. If diesel oil is used outdoors, the air temperature can't be low than -15°С. ГРЖ-1 burner is used along with a can for diesel oil, an air compressor with capacity not less than 250 liters per minute which creates pressure at the burner inlet not less than 4 atmospheres.

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