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ULTRA M Aerator is a compact, high-quality plastic aerator for roofs of small, medium and large sizes.

A traditional flat roof consists of the base covered with a waterproof carpet made of welded-on bitumen roll materials to protect the base against any atmospheric precipitation. However, absolute impermeability of the waterproof layer is impossible to achieve, so vapor from inner parts of the building or from natural environment infiltrates under the waterproof layer and condenses in it.

The solid waterproof carpet blocks the escape of vapor into environment, and eventually much water is collected in the waterproof layer. The water runs down and makes wet spots on a ceiling. If the air temperature drops below zero, the water freezes, increases in volume and breaks through the waterproofing.

If water gets into the thermal insulation layer, the insulation freezes through during frosty weather and loses its insulating properties. As a result, the heating cost of the building increases considerably. Fungi and mold grow on the constructions in warm seasons.

Plastic aerators of different diameters are used in constructions of 'breathable' roofs and roofing sanitation for vapor withdrawal. They prevent blistering on the roof cladding. The aerators increase working life of the waterproof carpet. The plastic aerators are resistant to corrosion and can be used in different climate zones. The aerators are installed evenly in the entire area of the roof in the most uplifted spots of the roof cladding at the places of joints of the insulation slabs on flat roofs.

Aerators for flat roofs are proved solution for such problems.

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