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TECHNONICOL Polymer-Bitumen Road Binder (PBRB) - TECHNONICOL

TECHNONICOL Polymer-Bitumen Binder consists of oil road bitumen modified with thermoplastic synthetic rubber and adhesive additive. It provides a wider temperature range of performance comparing to ductile road bitumen. It increase the operational life of road surfaces in 2 - 3 times, thus greatly reducing the costs of their operation and maintenance.

Area of Application

As the binder for all kinds of hot asphalt-concrete mixes (contractible, crushed-stone mastic, cast). As the tack coat of a crack-breaking interlaminar layer.


Five brands of the TECHNONICOL Polymer-Bitumen Road Binder are produced in order to prepare different asphalt-concrete mixes: PBRB 200, PBRB 130, PBRB 90, PBRB 60, and PBRB 40.

TECHNONICOL Polymer-Bitumen Road Binder (PBRB) is transported to the location of use (the asphalt concrete factory) with bitumen carriers that are able to maintain the operating temperature of the binder within the range of 140-160 ° C.

If it is needed to transport PBRB over long distances (the time of transportation is more than 4 hours), the bitumen carries must be equipped with pumps for regular mixing of PBRB. The minimum temperature of PBRB should not drop below 140°C. An additional mixing is required following delivery of PBRB to the location.

PBRB is not allowed to be kept at the operational temperature for longer than one work shift. If longer storage time is needed, PBRB must be pumped into a working boiler and cooled down to a temperature no more than 120°С. The use of PBRB after the long storage is allowed only after heating it up to the temperature of 160°С and stirring, no sooner than its characteristics would meet the requirements indicated in the Table 1 of this specification.

TechnoNICOL Corporation offers modern constructional materials that meet the Russian and European standards of quality. They include roll roofing materials, waterproof mastics and bitumen, materials for sound insulation of apartments.

Types of material

    PBRB 200

    PBRB 130

    PBRB 90

    PBRB 60

    PBRB 40


Property PBRB 200PBRB 130PBRB 90PBRB 60PBRB 40
Depth of penetration of the needle, 0,1 mm, no less than  At 25 °С  200  130  90  60  40 
At 0 °С  70  50  40  32  25 
extensibility, сm, no less than  at 25 °С  30  30  30  25  15 
at 0 °С  25  20  15  11 
ring-and-ball softening point, °С, not below 49  50  53  56  58 
Fraas brittle temperature, °С, no more than -35  -32  -25  -20  -15 
elasticity, %, no less than   at 25°С  85  85  85  80  80 
at 0°С  75  75  75  70  70 
Change of softening temperature after heating, °С, no more than 
flash temperature, °С, not below 220  220  220  230  230 
Adhesion to marble and sand Withstands on the control sample № 2  Withstands on the control sample № 2  homogeneous  Withstands on the control sample № 2  Withstands on the control sample № 2 
homogeneity homogeneous  homogeneous  homogeneous  homogeneous  homogeneous 

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