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Bitumen Prime Coating AquaMast - TECHNONICOL

Bitumen Prime Coating AquaMast

TU 5775-062-72746455-2012


  • It is used for preparation of a surface
  • It provides an effective application of a waterproofing layer
  • It is ready to use


    Product Description

    Bitumen Prime Coating AquaMast is a solution of petroleum bitumen mixed with special organic solvents. It is characterized by a high penetrating power and dries at a short period of time.


    Prime Coating AquaMast is used for firm cohesion of waterproofing materials with the basis. It is used both with roll bitumen materials and with surface waterproofing. Consumption of the prime coating is 0.35 L/m2.

    Operating Temperature

    From -10С° to 40 С°. At a temperature lower than 5С° it is necessary to keep the prime coating at a room temperature during 24 hours.


    Keep it in a dry protected from light place at a temperature of -200С to 300С. Guaranteed shelf life is 12 months.

    Security measures

    Do not use it near open flame. Work with it in well-ventilated rooms. Do not let it get on the skin and into eyes. Do not use it inside living quarters. If some prime coating gets on the skin it should be washed away with the help of solvent.


    Metal pails with a capacity of 16 kg / 8 kg / 2.4 kg.


Property Bitumen prime coating AquaMast
Mass concentration of volatile matters, %, within the limits 50-65 
Drying time of an applied layer at 20 °C, hours, no more than 12 
Relative viscosity, St, в within the limits  15-40 

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