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AquaMast Bitumen-Polymeric Waterproofing for Sanitary Conveniences - TECHNONICOL

AquaMast Bitumen-Polymeric Waterproofing Emulsive Mastic

Technical Specifications 5775-067-72746455-2012

Distinctive features

  • Reliable protection against any leaks
  • Water-based, odorless
  • Contains no solvents, is safe to work with

Area of application

AquaMast Bitumen-Polymeric Waterproofing Emulsive Mastic is designed for indoor waterproofing works (bathrooms, showers, basements, porches, floors, small pools, etc.). It is used on horizontal surfaces. The mastic is safe to work with, contains no solvents, has a neutral odor. Average consumption of the mustic is 2,5-3,5 kg per m2.

Temperature range for performance of work

From +5° to +40C °.


Store in a dry place protected from direct sunlight at a temperature not below that +5C °. The storage life is 6 months.

Safety precautions

It is recommended to work gloved. In case of skin contact the mastic has to be washed off with water. If dried out the mastic can be washed off with solvent.


Plastic Buckets 10 kg/ 3,5 kg.

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