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Technoelast DECOR

Application areas

Roof waterproofing for various designs

Description of material

Technoelast DECOR is a roofing material with high physical and mechanical parameters, which allows it to be used on roofs with large slopes and on tent roofs (the material is used as the top layer for the roofing system). The light-fast basalt dressing compound provides excellent decorative properties. High fading-resistance ensures the original appearance of the roof for the entire service life of the material.

Technoelast DECOR can be used in all climatic zones (as determined in Construction Codes and Regulation (SNiP) 23-01-99*).

Method of application

The material is welded on a prepared surface using a gas burner. Material application: according to the Manual for Designing and Installation of Roofs Made of Polymer-Bitumen Materials Manufactured by the TechnoNICOL Corporation.


Store vertically, in a place protected from direct sunlight.

Waterproofing warranty — 10 years

Service life — 25-30 years


Property Technoelast DECOR
Thickness, mm (±0.1 mm) 4,2 
Mass of 1 m2, kg, (±0.25 kg) 5,2 
Longitudinal/transverse breaking load, N, not less than  polyester 600/400 
Bend point on R=25 mm and R=10 mm beam, °C, no more than -25 
Heat endurance, °С, not less than 100 
Protective covering type  on the top color basalt 
on welded-on side film with logo 
Length / width, m 10х1 

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