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Application areas

Installation and repair of roofs with a service life of no more than 5 years. Waterproofing of engineering structures.

Description of material

The ruberoid is a a roll-fed roofing, waterproofing material. Produced by placing a bitumen binder on roofing paper. The protective dressing compound (talc, etc.) is applied to both sides.

Method of application

The ruberoid is glued to a prepared foundaiton through use of bitumen or mastic.


Store vertically in two (no more) tiers in doors.

Types of material





Property РКК-350РКП-350РПП-300
масса, кг 27  24  19,5 
Разрывная сила при растяжении, Н, не менее 313  274  216 
Mass Water Absorption during 24 h, % not more 
Dressing Compound Loss, g/sample, not more  —  — 
Температура гибкости на брусе R=25мм, оС, не выше 
Heat resistance, °С, not less 80  80  80 
Coating type:   top гранулят  тальк  тальк 
bottom тальк  тальк  тальк 
Length/Width, mm  10х1  15х1  15х1 

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