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Technoelast BARRIER (BO)-MINI

Application areas

Waterproofing of engineering structures. Corrosion protection of pipes. Self-adhesive material.

Description of material

Technoelast BARRIER (BO)-MINI is a roller (20 or 25 cm wide) which consists of a special polymer-bitumen binder mixture applied to a thick polymer film. The other side is covered by a strippable protective film.

Technoelast BARRIER (BO)-MINI rollers as well as rolled Technoelast BARRIER (BO) have no base. It makes the material very elastic and fl exible, which provides for the highest quality of corrosion protection for pipes, sealing joints, and joints in engineering structures. They may be installed on combustible bases; installation without any additional equipment and installation in a closed, limited space are also possible. Technoelast BARRIER (BO)-MINI can be used in all climatic zones (as determined in Construction Codes and Regulation (SNiP) 23-01-99*).

Method of application

For high quality adhesion, the base and material temperature should not be less than +5°С. At lower temperatures, the base and the bottom surface of the material should be warmed up. The siliconized film should be removed from the bottom of the material, and the material is glued to the base. It is not recommended to apply a strip to hot vertical surfaces (with a temperature above +85 ° C).


Store vertically, in a place protected from direct sunlight at temperatures between –15°C and + 30°C.


Property Technoelast BARRIER (BO)-MINI
Thickness, mm (±0.1 mm) 1,5 
Mass of 1 m2, kg, (±0.25 kg) 1,5 
Nominal strength, MPa(kgf/cm) 1,0 (10) 
Bend point on R=25 mm and R=10 mm beam, °C, no more than -25 
Heat endurance, °С, not less than 85 
Specific elongation, %, not less 200 
Cohesive strength, MPa (kgf/cm2), not less than  with concrete 0,2 (2,0) 
with metal 0,2 (2,0) 
Protective covering type  on the top thick polymer film with logo 
on the bottom antiadhesion film 
Length / width, m 20х0.2; 20х0.25 

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