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TechnoNICOL Drainage System

TechnoNICOL Corporation offers you a new product – a plastic drainage system developed especially with the view of new market needs and exclusive quality standards.

Plastic drainage system TechnoNICOL is a semicircular system (D of the gutter is 125 mm, D of the pipe is 80 mm) produced of high quality PVC. It has excellent characteristics which help sustain Russian cold weather. It is highly resistant to UV radiation and different negative impacts and it doesn’t corrode at all. It is used for effective gathering of rain water and water from melted snow from the roof. It is designed for using in a cottage and low-rise housing constructions. It is installed easily and quickly; we also developed fastenings that allow to use less brackets.

Why do we advise you the plastic drainage system TechnoNICOL?


Resistance to climatic influence

Due to its special production method and materials used, the system works effectively at temperatures from 50ºC below zero to 50ºC above zero. It is highly resistant to UV radiation.

Easy installation

The plastic drainage system TechnoNICOL is easy to install whatever specific demands and geometry of your building are.

Light weight

The system is produced from modern and strong and as well as light materials, with no pressure on the cornice!


The plastic drainage system TechnoNICOL can be installed both on new and used buildings of any complexity and configuration.


The system consists of waterproof and firm elements that compensate longitudinal extension of plastic. Special rubber seals and snapping elements provide waterproof connections, which makes the plastic drainage system TechnoNICOL stand out in the market apart from its analogues.

Everyone who buys the plastic drainage system TechnoNICOL gets a 15 year guarantee!

Elements of the plastic drainage system TechnoNICOL:

A gutter

It is designed for gathering rain water from a roof. The gutter is fixed with brackets, which are to be placed 600-900 mm far from each other and provide 1 cm incline per 3.5 m.


A protecting catch frame

It is used to protect the drainage system from plugging with leaves and other litter.


A drainage outlet

It leads the water from the drainage system onto the ground.


A gutter connector

It is designed for waterproof connection of gutters with a rubber seal.


A pipe hanger

It is designed for fixing a pipe to the façade.


A plastic bracket

It is designed for fixing a gutter on roofs with a fascia board or together with an extender without a fascia board.


An all purpose clamp

It is designed for fixing a drainage pipe at a needed distance from the façade.


An all purpose angle

It is used for changing direction of water flow; it is installed on external and internal roof angles.


A Ferrule

It provides a waterproof connection of drainage pipes and compensates thermal expansion.


A Collecting Funnel

It is used for connecting gutters and a pipe to let water from water-collecting to spillway system.


A Drainpipe

It provides a vertical flow of rain-water.


A Gutter Bibb

It is installed on ends of a gutter. The construction provides a permanent fixation, impermeability and inflexibility of a gutter.


An All Purpose Elbow

It is designed for changing direction of water flow along a pipe. It is also used for passing round architectural elements of a façade.


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