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TechnoNICOL metallic anchor and roundel

Purpose of material

The TechnoNICOL metallic anchor is a metallic anchor element, the structural basis of which is a specially rolled galvanized steel sheet that forms a spring in the cross section. The anchor can sustain a load due to frictional forces generated as a result of straightening the springs in the base material and partial surface pressure along the anchor rod. The TechnoNICOL metallic roundel is a galvanized metal washer that is placed on a metal roundel to increase the area of the cap anchor, thereby more evenly distributing the mechanical load on the fire-resistant slab.


Securing fireproof slabs for insulating structures made of TechnoNICOL concrete.


Concrete structures and reinforced concrete floor structures.


Anchors are installed using holes drilled with a rotary hammer drill and a bit that is 8 mm in diameter; anchors are driven using a anchor hammer. Installation depth (length of the anchor) is chosen so that the anchor element goes into the slab by at least 30mm.


Store in covered warehouses on pallets that prevent exposure to moisture.

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