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ANDEREP Backing Carpet

ANDEREP PROF Backing carpet is a roll waterproof backing material.

ANDEREP PROF is produced by means of putting a bitumen-polymer binding material with SBS polymers on a strong polyester base. It is protected with a polypropylene layer (Spunbond) on the other side.

It is used in low-rise housing constructions both in new buildings and buildings under reconstruction of different types as a backing waterproof carpet for sloping roofs. It can be placed under bituminous tiles, composite tiles, metal tiles, bituminous fluted sheets and natural tiles.





According to 'Manual for SHINGLAS Slender Tiles Application in Sloping Roofs', 'Manual for SHINGLAS Slender Tiles Mounting', and 'Manual for SHINGLAS Slender Tiles Calculation' and Construction Standards and Regulations 23-01 (СниП 23-01) it can be used in all climatic zones.

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