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Technonicol bitumen emulsion mastic #33

Technonicol bitumen emulsion mastic #33

Application areas

Application areas for TECHNONICOL roofing mastic #33:
– Installation of mastic roofs and repair of all kinds of roofs;
– Waterproofing of engineering structures (basements, cellars, piles and other facilities buried in the ground or coming in contact with the damp environment);
– Indoor waterproofing (bathrooms, pool floors, balconies, cellars)

Description of material

The water-emulsion material produced by dispersion of bitumens in a water solution of emulsifiers and modification through latex. It does not contain solvents. Mechanized application drastically reduces the time needed to carry out the works. The mastic has enhanced properties. These coverings have a wide range of operating temperatures.

Method of application

TECHNONICOL mastic # 33 can be applied both manually and mechanically. During manual application, the mastic is applied using a small paint brush or a roller. During mechanized application, the mastic is applied to the base using an airless spraying unit. In order to increase productivity (reduction of the time needed for insulating cover curing), the mastic is applied together with a coagulant solution (a water solution of calcium chloride) using a two-channel apportioning installation. Mastic surface coverage for one layer: 2.5–3.5 kg/m

Basic physical and mechanical properties

PropertyTECHNONICOL Mastic #33
Strength of adhesion to the base, MPa, not less than0,6
Nominal strength, MPa, no less than0,7
Specific elongation when broken, %900
Water absorption over the course of 24 h, % by weight, not more than0,4
Mass fraction of non-volatile substances, %, in the range53-65
Heat endurance over the course of 5 hours, C, not less than140
Flexibility on R=5.00.2 mm beam at 50Cno cracks
Water resistance during 24 h at a pressure of 0.1 MPawithstands