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Technonicol adhesive mastic #27

Technonicol adhesive mastic #27

Application areas

The mastic is designed for adhesion of extruded polystyrene foam plates to bitumen and polymer-bitumen insulation materials, as well as to concrete, metal, and wooden surfaces in foundation insulation systems.

Description of material

TECHNONICOL adhesive mastic #27 is produced from oil bitumen, special fillers and organic solvent. The mastic is paste-like, which allows for it to be reliably secured to the heat-insulating slabs on vertical surfaces. The material is ready to be used completely, and it is easy to be used.

Method of application

The mastic is applied as points or strips by using a putty knife or comb putty knife. The mastic should be applied to all corners and in the centre of a fixed slab. When applying strips, their width should not be less than 40 mm, and at least four strips should be applied per square meter. When fastening the mastic in points it is distributed using stains with a surface coverage of 50-80 g for each stain. The stains are distributed in regular intervals on 10 pieces per 1 m2. Mastic surface coverage — 0.5–1.0 kg/m².


Store in dry place protected against sunlight at a temperature between –20°C and +30°C. Guaranteed storage period — 12 months.

Thermal-insulation slabs are firmly secured on vertical surfaces

Does not corrode the surface of thermal-insulating materials

Easy to use

Basic physical and mechanical properties

PropertyTECHNONICOL Mastic #27
Strength of adhesion to the base, MPa, not less than with concrete0,1
with metal0,1
Shear strength of glued bond, kN/m, not less than0,1
Mass fraction of non-volatile substances, %, not less than75-80
Heat endurance, , not less than90