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AquaMast Bitumen Basement Waterproofing

AquaMast Bitumen Basement Waterproofing

AquaMast Bitumen Cold Waterproofing Mastic

Technical Specifications 5775-063-72746455-2012

Distinctive features

Effectively protects the constructions buried in the ground against a moisture . Forms an extra strong durable coating.

Description of product

AquaMast Bitumen Basement Waterproofing Mastic is a ready to use material that composed of oil bitumen modified with processing aids, mineral fillers and solvent.

Area of application

AquaMast Bitumen Basement Waterproofing Mastic is designed for the surface waterproofer of different constructions (concrete, reinforced concrete, metal, wooden and others), that are buried in the ground and in contact with moist environment: basements, piles, etc. Consumption of AquaMast Bitumen Basement Waterproofing Mastic is 1 kg per m2.

Temperature range for performance of work

From-10C ° to +40 C °. At temperatures below 5 C °, the mastic must be kept at room temperature for at least a day first.


Store in a dry place protected from direct sunlight at a temperature from -20C ° to +30 C °. The storage life is 12 months.

Safety precautions

It is not recommended to be used near open flame. Proper ventilation must be ensured while working. Do not use it in residual premises. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. If the mastic gets in touch with the skin, the solvent can be used to remove the stain.


Metal EuroBucket 18 kg/ 10 kg/ 3,5 kg.

Basic physical and mechanical properties

PropertyAquaMast Bitumen Cold Waterproofing Mastic
Cohesive strength, MPa (kgf/cm2), not less than with concrete0,1
with metal0,1
Adhesion strength with a base MPa, not less than with wood0,1
Water absorption within 24 hours,% by mass, no more than 2
Dry residue, %, no less than75-90
Relative viscosity, sec, no less than10
Flexibility on a wooden beam with diameter 5.0+_ 0,2 mm at temperature 5C (Celsius) no cracks
Heat resistance at temperatures less than 80 degrees (Celsius) for 5 hoursNo bubbles or streaks
Water resistant within 72 hours at a pressure of 0.001 MPaHold
Application life, hours3