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Technonicol roofing and waterproofing emulsion mastic #31

Technonicol roofing and waterproofing emulsion mastic #31

Application areas

Application areas for TECHNONICOL roofing emulsion mastic #31:
– Surface waterproofer for indoor use (bathrooms, pool floors, balconies, cellars);
– Installation of mastic roofs and repair of all kinds of roofs (combining with glass fabric, roll-fed materials and without them)
– Installation of protecting roofing layers;
– Waterproofing of engineering structures (basements, cellars, piles and other facilities buried in the ground or coming in contact with the damp environment).

Description of material

TECHNONICOL roof emulsion mastic #31 is a material that is completely ready to use, consisting of an aqueous emulsion of oil bitumen, modifi ed by artificial rubber, mineral fillers and organic solvent. These coverings have enhanced elasticity, heat endurance, and moisture-resistance. The water-based material does not contain solvents, has a neutral smell and is ideally suited for work in interior living spaces.

Method of application

TECHNONICOL mastic #31 is applied to a processed surface using a paint brush, putty knife or by pouring and levelling using special combs. Application temperature — between +5°C and +40°C. Mastic surface coverage: for mastic roof installation — 3.8–5.7 kg/m2; for waterproofing installation — 2.5–3.5 kg/m2


Store in a dry place protected against sunlight at a temperature not less than +5°. Guaranteed storage period — 6 months.

Basic physical and mechanical properties

PropertyTECHNONICOL Mastic #31
Strength of adhesion to the base, MPa, not less than0,45
Nominal strength, MPa, no less than0,5
Specific elongation when broken, %700
Water absorption over the course of 24 h, % by weight, not more than1
Content of binder with emulgator, % by weight, in the limits of50-70
Heat endurance, , not less than95
Flexibility on R=5.00.2 mm beam at 50Cno cracks
Water resistance during 24 h at a pressure of 0.1 MPawithstands