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Bitumen oil construction

Bitumen oil construction

Application areas

Waterproofing in different construction sectors. For adhesion to the basis of non-welded oxidized bitumen roofi ng materials.

Description of material

Construction and roofi ng bitumens are the standard materials used in building for waterproofing. Bitumens are produced by oxidation of the residual products of oil distillation.

Method of application

Bitumen is warmed up in an asphalt heater to a liquid state and is applied as a liquid to the dust-free base using a putty knife, small paint brush, or by pouring and leveling using special combs (spreading knives).


Store in a place protected against contamination and atmospheric precipitation.

Types of material

    BN 90/10

    BN 90/30

Basic physical and mechanical properties

PropertyBN 90/10BN 90/30
Softening temperature, , not less than90-105 80-95
Needle penetration at 25C, 0.1 mm5-20 25-35
Flash temperature, , not less than240 240
Solubility in toluene, %, not less than90 90