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Roofing materials Technoelast - choice of the Nordic Countries

Roofing materials Technoelast - choice of the Nordic Countries

Technoelast used in the construction of a new logistics center JULA in Sweden.

It is known that in the Nordic countries during the construction used only high-quality materials that can have a positive impact on productivity and ensure a long service life at low temperatures. For many years of supply TechnoNICOL materials earned the trust of architects and designers in the Nordic countries as evidenced by their successful use on the facility in Sweden.

The new logistics center JULA in the Swedish city of Skara - one of the most interesting objects for which supplies a single-layer roofing material Technoelast SBS 5500. Volume of 50 000 m2. On the decision to cooperate with TechnoNICOL influenced the previous successful experience in 2012 - was used the similar material on the project JULA in the region of Skaraborg (renovation of the shopping center). Currently JULA is the largest company in Sweden and is not going to stop.

We are confident that in the future roofing and waterproofing materials TechnoNICOL will be used on the most interesting and important facilities in the Nordic countries.