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"TechnoNicol" Corporation Shares its Experience with Blocks of Flats' Chairmen


On 15 May 2012 the Administration of the city of Kostroma and TehnoNICOL Corporation have held a seminar for housing and communal services at the session of the Council of Chairmen of Blocks of Flats.

The session of the Council of Chairmen of Blocks of Flats has been devoted to use of rolled roofing materials. Over 100 people took part in the seminar organized by TECHNINICOL: chairmen of councils of blocks of flats, Deputy Head of the city of Kostroma, Head of the Department of Housing Policy and Maintenance of Kostroma region, Head of the Department of Housing and Communal Services and Capital Construction of Kostroma City Administration, Deputy Governor of Kostroma region. Podkopaeva Natalia Romanovna, a Deputy Governor of Kostroma region, Shorohova Tatiana Nikolaevna, the Head of Kostroma Regional State Housing Inspectorate, and Zhukov Sergey Viktorovich, the first Deputy Director of the Department of Housing and Communal Services of Kostroma region ran the meeting.

The topic for the seminar was most urgent for housing and communal services 'Main Defects, Repair and Operation of Rolled Facing Roofs'. It was presented by Efimychev Sergey, a technical expert for housing and communal services of TECHNONICOL Corporation. An active discussion of the topic was supported by the masters of the seminar who answered questions and presented their opinions for the problem.

Besides speeches, within the seminar there was carried out a presentation of works edited by TECHNONICOL Corporation concerning the technical issues for housing and communal services dealing with operation and repair of apartment houses. To mention just a few: 'Recommendations for Heads of an Operating Company: An Apartment House Repair', 'Manuals for Heads of Operating Companies of Housing and Communal Services: Use and Repair of Rolled Roofs', 'Manuals for Workers of an Operating Company: Rolled Roofs Maintenance'.

During the discussion the participants made a special emphasis on the practical component of operation of roofs. Among them there were questions on the ways of revealing defects on a new roof, how 'to accept' a roof correctly, pitfalls while accepting the work, quality criterion for the work done and many others. The discussion was heated, and the participants complained on a kind of the 'information hunger' on the problem of the seminar. At the end of the seminar all the participants expressed gratitude to the organizers for the information presented and new practical knowledge obtained.