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TeсhnoNICOL developing a new line of innovative products

TeсhnoNICOL developing a new line of innovative products 22.01.2013 A new direction - "Industrial coatings" established in the structure of the business unit "Wax" TechnoNICOL Corporation.

Russian market anticorrosion coatings is currently at the stage of dynamic changes. Increase in the production of steel structures, reinforced concrete structures, the need for annual overhaul large number of industrial, hydraulic, power, transport and civil objects causes stable dynamics of demand and consumer interest in high-quality anti-corrosion paints, including those based on polymers.

Following the current trend of the construction industry and in response to customer requests, TekhnoNICOL Corporation has decided to develop a new direction - "Industrial coating" in the structure of the business unit "Wax." A new direction will focus on developing and manufacturing the most advanced materials in the field of corrosion protection. Particular emphasis will be placed on the production of polymer and composite materials based on polyurethanes and polyesters.

At present the Russian market LMC is rated as one of the most promising and dynamic. Its size is about 1-1.2 million tons of which 50% - industrial coatings. The annual consumption of polyurethane compositions of approx 25 thousand tons. The growth of the market PU materials around 30-40%. This high rise in popularity is due to the unique properties of polyurethane coating systems, including the economy, simplicity and ease of use, fast drying, fast set hardness while maintaining elasticity and resistance to impact. In addition, polyurethane coating materials are highly water-resistant, relatively good chemical resistance, high abrasion resistance and anti-corrosion and beautiful decorative properties.

"The development of modern systems of corrosion protection involves keeping the existing corrosion properties on the one hand and optimization, aimed at reducing the cost and increasing the performance and maintenance of color on the other., - Says Anna Sevaeva, head of protective coatings TekhnoNIKOL - Our new direction will focus on the development and production of such materials is - more environmentally friendly, easy to use and efficient, not only in terms of the original cost of their use in the construction, but their reliability and durability".

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