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TechnoNICOL stone wool materials for the new Murom metallurgical plant

TechnoNICOL stone wool materials for the new Murom metallurgical plant 17.01.2017 12.01.2017 In 2016, the construction of the new line for the production of galvanized steel continued in Murom. The grand-scale project was arranged by the RusTechnology United company. The builders used stone wool materials of TechnoNICOL to insulate various types of constructions.

The new plant for ferroconcrete items has two facade systems: the ventilated facade with TECHNOVENT STANDARD and the thin-layer plaster facade with TECHNOFAS EFFECT. High quality stone wool slabs and additional insulation of thermal bridges create the homogeneous thermal circuit of the object. The construction of the new workshop also required insulation for roofs: TECHNOROOF 45, TECHNOROOF V60, TECHNOROOF N30 and TECHNOROOF PROF.

The stone wool products TECHNOROOF 45 and TECHNOROOF PROF are used for single layer insulation. These slabs have high heat-insulating capacity and are neutral to concrete and metal. The TECHNOROOF V60 and TECHNOROOF N30 products are used in a pair and represent a double layer technological solution for flat roofs. The double laying of slabs ensure perfect heat insulation and fire safety.

The thermal insulation of the factory floor is performed with TECHNOFLOOR STANDARD. This material significantly reduces the impact noise from functioning equipment, moving personnel and small appliances. The precise geometry of TechnoNICOL stone wool slabs guarantee smooth coverage of the floor.

The complex stone wool insulation significantly contributes to energy efficiency and fire safety of objects. The TechnoNICOL stone wool is incombustible even when exposed to high temperatures, up to +1000°С. This temperature is possible 120 minutes after the fire starts. The material withstands flame during this period, which gives additional time for evacuating people and property. Moreover, TechnoNICOL stone wool slabs melting in fire do not emit smoke and harmful substances.

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