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TechnoNICOL opens the training center in Yekaterinburg

TechnoNICOL opens the training center in Yekaterinburg 23.06.2016 The project of private-public partnership between the regional government, the educational organization and one of the leading international producers of reliable and effective construction materials is intended to develop vocational skills and the quality of construction works.

The authorities of Sverdlovsk region pay much attention to vocational training and development of engineering disciplines. One of the ongoing programs is the Ural engineering school, prepared under the instruction of the Governor Eugene Kuyvashev and approved by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. The new training facility will be the sixth center in the region for hands-on learning and the first one focused on the building industry.

«The Ural engineering school program involves systematic changes to professional education, so that students could work with high technologies and suit the needs of high-end productions. We realize that not all the enterprises can accept the new concept of maintaining educational organizations. Nevertheless, we continue regular talks with representatives of various companies. These have already resulted in a number of private-public initiatives, among them the educational center at the Pervouralsky metallurgy college or the skill improvement center at the Ural college of technology and business. The establishment of such centers indicates the enterprises’ interest in training the highly skilled workforce. We definitely support the initiative coming from heads of educational organizations that set similar level of collaboration», stated the Minister of basic and professional education of the Sverdlovsk region Yuriy Biktuganov.

The training center of TechnoNICOL and the Yekaterinburg college of transport development will become the key venue for vocational skills improvement in the region. The center is filled with the most advanced equipment that enable hands-on learning. The methodology focuses on new technologies, acceleration of the arrangement process and the safety of finished objects. We expect that the center will train over 1000 people per year, among them professors, students, workers of the building industry, representatives of controlling bodies and people employed in the housing and utility sector.

TechnoNICOL opens the training center in Yekaterinburg

«Now, the building industry of the Sverdlovsk region is developing rapidly. If we consider the quantity of new properties put into service, our region is one of the best in the Russian Federation. The quality of industrial projects remains our constant concern. It goes without saying that the emergence of such hands-on training centers intended to develop vocational skills in advanced technologies, will place us among the leaders of the building industry by this criterion», told the Deputy Minister of building and infrastructure development of the Sverdlovsk region Sergey Kiselev.

The training center at the Yekaterinburg college of transport development has been the 18th in the list of educational centers of TechnoNICOL. With over 20 years operating in the market, the company continues its regular investment in the educational system. The Building academy of TechnoNICOL collaborates with more than 60 organizations of higher and professional education.

«Over the past years, we hear talks about dual education and the contribution of business to the process of upskilling. In fact, only very large companies can afford it. The chances for the medium and small business to change anything are not that significant. Therefore, the graduates have to learn everything by doing, which influences the final quality of projects. Our training and resource centers effect the innovative approach to the dual education. It means that the professional community together with the educational organization form the competence of specialists, all in accordance with the actual requirements of the industry», told the head of the TechnoNICOL Building academy Elvir Davletshin.

TechnoNICOL opens the training center in Yekaterinburg

The TechnoNICOL Building Academy has developed author programs for education and upskilling and a special course for professors who are guiding advanced technologies into the educational system. In the previous year, tens of educational organizations started to use the workbook Insulation systems for building constructions, written by two MSUCE scientists, the Doctor in engineering science Boris Rumyantsev and the Master in engineering science Alexey Zhukov, and experts of TechnoNICOL, Velux and DuPont, the large manufacturers of construction materials.

In 2016, the TechnoNICOL Corporation initiated the inclusion of the Roofing competence in the program of the WorldSkills Russia Young Professionals National Championship. The Building Academy of TechnoNICOL supports talented youth. For example, TechnoNICOL conducts the International contest for building occupations students that gives students the opportunity to show themselves and find a placement within the Corporation.

TechnoNICOL opens the training center in Yekaterinburg

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