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TechnoNICOL on BUDMA 2014

TechnoNICOL on BUDMA 2014 24.03.2014

It is becoming a tradition that in the beginning of the year TechnoNICOL takes part in the most important building trades in Central Europe BUDMA 2014 in Poznan (Poland). This year it was arranged from 11th till 14th of March. BUDMA 2014 International Construction Fair was this year accompanied with trades of GLASS, CBS (sport and relax building) and KOMINKI (International Chimneys Trades). All exhibitions were located in 15 commercial pavilions. Such cooperation made trades more efficient and attached attention of thousands of people. Exhibition and program of events consisted of hundreds of new products, innovative materials and building systems from all over the World.

There were exhibitions from wide range of building market such as walls, ceilings, floors, finishing systems, construction equipment, services for building industry and roof of course. That is why, it is said that Poznan was a building capital of Poland for those four days.

During each day there were conferences, presentation, speeches of qualified architects, engineers and builders. Obviously it was all completed by shows of building masters in “Testing Zone" and besides it. Testing Zone was a kind of "testing area of opportunity" - here, everyone was able to "test" the product under the supervision of an expert who showed how to maximize its benefits. Moreover this year was organized the Championship of Polish Roofers. Three crews of roofers took up the challenge to build a part of roof with window. Every day they were building roof, and on the last day the jury chose the best crew. Accidentally it was the crew, who made TechnoNICOL roofs on last years BUDMA! Congratulations!

TechnoNICOL was represented on BUDMA 2014 by TechnoNICOL Polska as a partner of Polish Roofers Association. At the exhibition, the TechnoNICOL has stand with wide range of rolled roofing materials, flexible shingle SHINGLAS and polystyrene TECHNONICOL XPS 35 300 CARBON.

Moreover on BUDMA 2014 TechnoNICOL had stand with SHINGLAS COUNTRY in showing area, on which professional roofers from Polish Roofer Association applied SHINGLAS COUNTRY on underlayer made of rolled material MIDA ROOF FIX.

Not only stand made by means of TechnoNICOL materials, but also all advertising materials attract visitors and they expressed interest in cooperation. On exhibition was quite large group of representatives from TechnoNICOL, that is why any question was left without an answer! There were both individual clients and representatives from large companies, suppliers and manufacturers of building materials, as well as DIY networks. It was great opportunity to make TechnoNICOL products much more popular. Moreover we attract a lot of architects, who had never before heard about TechnoNICOL Corporation. It is worth to add that there were a lot of visitors from abroad special from Ukraine, Slovakia, Lithuania and Russia where TechnoNICOL Corporation is well known and at the same time from Germany, Czech Republic and Denmark that are really close to Poland and TechnoNICOL products are now enter those markets.

Summarising, the BUDMA exhibition is a place worth to be every year, because it makes TechnoNICOL position on market of roofing materials stronger and give huge opportunities to make new contacts in construction industry.

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