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TechnoNICOL mastership to improve the quality of construction works in Finland

17.01.2017 16.01.2017 The educational services of TechnoNICOL are developing on the international stage. The South Savo Vocational College (Esedu) became the new strategic partner of the Corporation’s Construction academy.

The agreement between TechnoNICOL and Esedu, which is one of the most popular multi-profile professional colleges in Finland, will contribute to the technological level of national construction works. The organizations unite efforts to create and promote innovative technologies in the field of industrial, civil, cottage and low-rise construction and housing services of Finland, and to introduce relevant knowledge in the process of staff education. In particular, the agreement focuses on such common initiatives as the development of educational projects and programs in order to increase the qualification of personnel, transfer progressive technologies, distribute information about advanced practices, organize and host international conferences and trainings.

“Presently, TechnoNICOL has 18 training centers worldwide. The centers serve to teach specialists how to use progressive construction technologies and therefore reflect the current expectations of the industry. The new agreement with the South Savo Vocational College is intended to increase the level of mastership in the building industry and the quality of projects’ execution”, comments the Head of the TechnoNICOL Construction academy Elvir Davletshin. “Finally, the implementation of modern innovative materials and technologies will contribute to the durability and effectiveness of buildings and reduce the required timespan, material consumption and energy resources for the construction process in the northern country”.

About TechnoNICOL

TechnoNICOL is one the leading international producers of reliable and effective construction materials. The company offers innovative products and technologies that combine international experience and solutions of proper research centers. The company collaborates with design institutions and architectural bureaus, which enable us to react to ever-changing consumer expectations quickly and flexibly.

Presently, the TechnoNICOL Corporation integrates 51 production sites in seven countries worldwide (Ukraine, Belorussia, Lithuania, The Check Republic, Italy, the United Kingdom), 5 research centers, 18 training centers and 21 representative offices in 17 countries. Headquarters are located in Russia, Poland, Italy, China and India. The company exports materials to over 80 countries worldwide. In 2014, the industrial complex showed revenue of 56 billion rubles, which increased to 64 billion rubles in 2015.

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